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Biologist Keith Miles Receives 2008 USGS Western Region Diversity Award in Supervisor Category

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Keith Miles receives the Western Region Diversity Award
Above: Research wildlife biologist Keith Miles (center) receives the Western Region Diversity Award in the Supervisor Category from USGS Western Regional Director Anne Kinsinger (right), while Diane Garcia (left) reads the citation. Photograph by Mike Diggles, USGS. [larger version]

The 2008 U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)'s Western Region Diversity Award in the Supervisor Category was presented to Keith Miles, supervisory research wildlife biologist with the USGS Western Ecological Research Center, at a ceremony in Menlo Park, California, in February. Western Regional Director Anne Kinsinger presented the award to Keith while Diane Garcia, chair of the Western Region Diversity Council, read the following citation:

"It is a great pleasure that Keith Miles has been selected to be the recipient of the 2008 USGS Western Region Diversity Award in the Supervisor Category. Keith, you are being recognized for making a significant difference through your long-term efforts and commitment to developing a diverse project within the USGS. Your contribution to the values of diversity include active pursuit of diversity through a leadership style that fosters discussion and exploration of others' viewpoints and opinions, consistently hiring using Workforce Diversity Programs, and supporting staff with ongoing mentoring and encouragement. Keith, thank you for being an exemplary role model for all USGS managers and supervisors."

Among Keith's research interests are community ecology and the effects of contaminants in coastal and estuarine settings; examples include the influence of sea otter population decline on the diet of bald eagles in Aleutian Islands, and the effects of mercury contamination on waterbirds breeding in San Francisco Bay.

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