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Recently Published Articles

  • Anderson, T., Rosenberger, K.J., and Gartner, A.L., 2012, Reformatted data sets used in the Cooperative LACSD/USGS Palos Verdes Flow Study, 2000–2008: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2010–1253, 45 p. [http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2010/1253/].

  • Cimitile, M.J., and Boynton, Betsy, 2012, Vibracoring; reconstructing Earth’s past from sediments: U.S. Geological Survey video podcast [http://coastal.er.usgs.gov/podcast/].

  • Fleskes, J.P., Wetlands of the Central Valley and Klamath Basin, 2012, chap. 25 of Batzer, D.P., and Baldwin, A.H., eds., Wetland habitats of North America: Berkeley, University of California Press, ISBN: 9780520271647 [http://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520271647].

  • Franks, S.E., Norris, D.R., Kyser, T.K., Fernández, G., Schwarz, B., Carmona, R., Colwell, M.A., Sandoval, J.C., Dondua, A., Gates, H.R., Haase, B., Hodkinson, A.J., Lanctot, R.B., Ortego, B., Sandercock, B.K., Sanders, F., Takekawa, J.Y., Warnock, N., Ydenberg, R.C., and Lank D.B., 2012, Range-wide patterns of migratory connectivity in the western sandpiper Calidris mauri: Journal of Avian Biology, v. 43, no. 2, p. 155–167, doi:10.1111/j.1600-048X.2012.05573.x [http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1600-048X.2012.05573.x].

  • Friess, D.A., Krauss, K.W., Horstman, E.M., Balke, T., Bouma, T.J., Gallie, D., and Webb, E.L., 2012, Are all intertidal wetlands naturally created equal? Bottlenecks, thresholds and knowledge gaps to mangrove saltmarsh ecosystems: Biological Reviews, v. 87, no. 2, p. 346–366, doi:10.1111/j.1469-185X.2011.00198.x [http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1469-185X.2011.00198.x].

  • Hapke, C.J., 2012, Coastal dynamics at Fire Island; connecting inner shelf geology, processes, and trends of shoreline change [abs.]: Fire Island National Seashore Planning, Science and Research Conference, 8th Biennial, Patchogue, N.Y., April 27–28, 2012 [http://www.nps.gov/fiis/scienceconference.htm].

  • Hechinger, R.F., Lafferty, K.D., and Kuris, A.M., 2011, Parasites, in Sibley, R.M., Brown, J.H., and Brown, A. (eds.), Metabolic ecology; a scaling approach: Hoboken, N.J., Wiley-Blackwell, p. 234–247 [http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/book/10.1002/9781119968535].

  • Herring, G., Ackerman, J.T., and Herzog, M.P., 2012, Mercury exposure may suppress baseline corticosterone levels in juvenile birds: Environmental Science and Technology, v. 46, no. 11, p. 6339–6346, doi:10.1021/es300668c [http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/es300668c].

  • Holmes, R.R., Jr., Jones, L.M., Eidenshink, J.C., Godt, J.W., Kirby, S.H., Love, J.J., Neal, C.A., Plant, N.G., Plunkett, M.L., Weaver, C.S., Wein, A., and Perry, S.C., 2012, Natural hazards science strategy—public review release: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1088, 75 p. [http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2012/1088/].

  • Kinsman, N., and Xu, J.P., 2012, Fluorescent tracer experiment on Holiday Beach near Mugu Canyon: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1131 [http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2012/1131/].

  • Krauss, K.W., and Whitbeck, J.L., 2012, Soil greenhouse gas fluxes during wetland forest retreat along the lower Savannah River, Georgia (USA): Wetlands, v. 32, no. 1, p. 73–81, doi:10.1007/s13157-011-0246-8 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s13157-011-0246-8].

  • Kuffner, I.B., Paul, V.J., Ritson-Williams, R., Hickey, T.D., and Walters, L.J., 2012, Baseline surveys to detect trophic changes in shallow hard-bottom communities induced by the Dry Tortugas National Park Research Natural Area, chap. 8 of Ziegler, T.A., and Hunt, J., eds., Implementing the Dry Tortugas National Park Research Natural Area science plan; the 5-year report: Tallahassee, Fla., National Park Service and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, p. 42–45 [http://www.nps.gov/ever/naturescience/upload/DRTORNA5YrFINALComplete04092012LoRes.pdf, 8.8 MB]

  • McKee, K.L., 2012, Nutrient impacts on wetlands; field studies, New Zealand: U.S. Geological Survey video, USGS Multimedia Gallery [http://gallery.usgs.gov/videos/540].

  • McKee, K.L., and Grace, J.B., 2012, Effects of prescribed burning on marsh-elevation change and the risk of wetland loss: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1031, 51 p. [http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2012/1031/].

  • Middleton, B.A., 2010, Old data, new problems: Society of Wetland Scientists Brief no. 2010-0002, 4 p. [http://www.sws.org/ResearchBrief/].

  • Miselis, J.L., Holland, K.T., Reed, A.H., and Abelev, Andrei, 2012, Use of vertical temperature gradients for prediction of tidal flat sediment characteristics: Journal of Geophysical Research, v. 117, C03012, 10 p., doi:10.1029/2011JC007566 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1029/2011JC007566].

  • Morrison, G., Greening, H.S., and Yates, K.K., 2011, Management case study; Tampa Bay, Florida, in Wolansky, E., McLuskey, D.S., Kremer, H., and Pinckney, J., eds., Treatise on estuarine and coastal science, v. 11: New York, Elsevier, p. 31–76.

  • Muzaffar, S.B., Hill, N.J., Takekawa, J.Y., Perry, W.M., Smith, L.M., and Boyce, W.M., 2012, Role of bird movements in the epidemiology of West Nile and avian influenza virus: Human-Wildlife Interactions, v. 6, no. 1, p. 72–88 [http://www.werc.usgs.gov/ProductDetails.aspx?ID=4695].

  • Oze, C., Jones, L.C., Goldsmith, J.I., and Rosenbauer, R.J., 2012, Differentiating biotic from abiotic methane genesis in hydrothermally active planetary surfaces: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), v. 109, no. 25, p. 9750–9754, doi:10.1073/pnas.1205223109 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1073/pnas.1205223109].

  • Ramsey, E.W., III, and Rangoonwala, A., 2012, Hyperspectral remote sensing of wetland vegetation, chap. 21 of Thenkabail, P.S., Lyon, J.G., and Huete, A., eds., Hyperspectral remote sensing of vegetation: Boca Raton, Fla., London, and New York, CRC Press, p. 487–511.

  • Ramsey, E.W., III, Werle, D., Suzuoki, Y., Rangoonwala, A., and Lu, Z., 2012, Limitations and potential of satellite imagery to monitor environmental response to coastal flooding: Journal of Coastal Research, v. 28, no. 2, p. 457–476, doi:10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00052.1 [http://dx.doi.org/10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-11-00052.1].

  • Ringelman, K.M., Eadie, J.M., Ackerman, J.T., 2012, Density-dependent nest predation in waterfowl; the relative importance of nest density versus nest dispersion: Oecologia, v. 169, no. 3, p. 695–702, doi:10.1007/s00442-011-2228-1 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00442-011-2228-1].

  • Robbins, Lisa, 2012, Studying ocean acidification in the Arctic Ocean: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2012-3058, 2 p. [http://pubs.usgs.gov/fs/2012/3058/].

  • Roderick, G., Croucher, P., Vandergast, A., and Gillespie, R., 2012, Species differentiation on a dynamic landscape; shifts in metapopulation genetic structure using the chronology of the Hawaiian Archipelago: Evolutionary Biology, v. 39, no. 2, p. 192–206, doi:10.1007/s11692-012-9184-5 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11692-012-9184-5].

  • Rosenbauer, R.J., Thomas, B., Bischoff, J.L., and Palandri, J., 2012, Carbon sequestration via reaction with basaltic rocks; geochemical modeling and experimental results: Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, v. 89, p. 116–133, doi:10.1016/j.gca.2012.04.042 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gca.2012.04.042].

  • Smith, C.G., Marot, M.E., and Osterman, L.E., 2012, Influence of anthropogenic activities and natural processes on historic depositional patterns and environmental change in the Mobile Bay estuarine system (USA) [abs.]: Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City, Utah, February 20–24, 2012 [http://www.sgmeet.com/osm2012/viewabstract2.asp?AbstractID=10370].

  • Stefanova, L., Misra, V., Chan, S., Griffin, M., O’Brien, J.J., and Smith, T.J., III, 2012, A proxy for high-resolution regional reanalysis for the Southeast United States; assessment of precipitation variability in dynamically downscaled reanalyses: Climate Dynamics, v. 38, no. 11–12, p. 2449–2466, doi:10.1007/s00382-011-1230-y [http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00382-011-1230-y].

  • Stockdon, H.F., Doran, K.S., Thompson, D.M., Sopkin, K.L., Plant, N.G., and Sallenger, A.H., 2012, National assessment of hurricane-induced coastal erosion hazards; Gulf of Mexico: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1084, 51 p. [http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2012/1084/].

  • Strona, G., and Lafferty, K.D., 2012, How to catch a parasite—Parasite Niche Modeler (PaNic) meets FishBase: Ecography, v. 35, no. 6, p. 481–486, doi:10.1111/j.1600-0587.2012.07439.x [http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/j.1600-0587.2012.07439.x].

  • Subino, J.A., Forde, A.S., Dadisman, S.V., Wiese, D.S., and Calderon, K., 2012, Archive of digital boomer seismic reflection data collected offshore east-central Florida during USGS cruises 96FGS01 and 97FGS01 in November of 1996 and May of 1997: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 652, 2 DVDs [http://pubs.usgs.gov/ds/652/].

  • Subino, J.A., Forde, A.S., Dadisman, S.V., Wiese, D.S., and Calderon, K., 2012, Archive of digital boomer seismic reflection data collected offshore northeast Florida during USGS cruise 02FGS01, October 2002: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 653, DVD [http://pubs.usgs.gov/ds/653/].

  • Subino, J.A., Morgan, K.L.M., Krohn, M.D., Miller, G.K., Dadisman, S.V., and Forde, A.S., 2012, Archive of post-Hurricane Charley coastal oblique aerial photographs collected during U.S. Geological Survey field activity 04CCH01 from Marco Island to Fort DeSoto, Florida, August 15, 2004: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 651, 2 DVDs [http://pubs.usgs.gov/ds/651/].

  • Tanaka, A., Ohtani, M., Suyama, Y., Inomata, N., Tsumura, Y., Middleton, B.A., Tachida, H., and Kusumi, J., 2012, Population genetic structure of a widespread coniferous tree, Taxodium distichum [L.] Rich. (Cupressaceae), in the Mississippi River Alluvial Valley and Florida: Tree Genetics and Genomes, Online First, September 21, 2011, doi:10.1007/s11295-012-0501-z [http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s11295-012-0501-z].

  • ten Brink, U.S., and Lopez-Venegas, A.M, 2012, Plate interaction in the NE Caribbean subduction zone from GPS observations: Geophysical Research Letters, v. 39, L10304, 6 p., doi:10.1029/2012GL051485 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1029/2012GL051485].

  • Twichell, D., Kelso, K., and Pendleton, E., 2012, Evidence for mid-Holocene change in depositional style in Mobile Bay, Alabama: U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 2012–1081, 31 p. [http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2012/1081/].

  • Warrick, J.A., Hatten, J.A., Pasternack, G.B., Gray, A.B., Goni, M.A., and Wheatcroft, R.A., 2012, The effects of wildfire on the sediment yield of a coastal California watershed: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 124, no. 7/8, p. 1130–1146, doi:10.1130/B30451.1 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1130/B30451.1].

  • Warrick, J.A., Rosenberger, K., Lam, A., Ferreira, J., Miller, I.M., Rippy, M., Svejkovsky, J., and Mustain, N., 2012, Observations of coastal sediment dynamics of the Tijuana Estuary Fine Sediment Fate and Transport Demonstration Project, Imperial Beach, California: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012–1083, 29 p. and data files [http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2012/1083/].

  • Welch, A.J., Fleischer, R.C., James, H.F., Wiley, A.E., Ostrom, P.H., Adams, J., Duvall, F., Holmes, N., Hu, D., Penniman, J., and Swindle, K.A., 2012, Population divergence and gene flow in an endangered and highly mobile seabird: Heredity, v. 109, p. 19–28, doi:10.1038/hdy.2012.7 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/hdy.2012.7].

  • Zhang, K., Liu, H., Li, Y., Xu, H., Shen, J., Rome, J., and Smith, T.J., III, 2012, The role of mangroves in attenuating storm surges: Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, v. 102–103, p. 11–23, doi:10.1016/j.ecss.2012.02.021 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ecss.2012.02.021].

Publications Submitted for Bureau Approval

  • Barnard, P.L., Foxgrover, A., Elias, E., Erikson, L.H., Hein, J.R., McGann, M., Rosenbauer, R., Runtzel, K., Swarzenski, P., Takesue, R., Wong, F., and Woodrow, D., Synthesis of bed characteristics, geochemical tracers, in situ measurements and numerical modeling for assessing the provenance of beach sand in the San Francisco Bay Coastal System [abs.]: Bay-Delta Science Conference, 7th Biennial, Sacramento, Calif., October 16–18, 2012.

  • Brothers, L.L., Kelley, J.T., Belknap, D.F., Barnhardt, W.A., Andrews, B.D., Legere, C., and Hughes Clarke, J., North temperate estuarine pockmark fields; high-resolution geophysical and vibracore results from the Gulf of Maine and Bay of Fundy: Marine Geology.

  • Carkin, B.A., and Kayen, R., Settlement of the USS Arizona, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report.

  • Dartnell, P., Finlayson, D.P., Ritchie, A., Cochrane, G.R., and Erdey, M.D., Bathymetry and acoustic backscatter—outer mainland shelf, eastern Santa Barbara Channel, California: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series.

  • Draut, A.E., Redsteer, M.H., and Amoroso, L., Vegetation, substrate, and aeolian sand transport at Teesto Wash, Navajo Nation, 2009 to 2012: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report.

  • Foxgrover, A.C., and Barnard, P.L., Surface sediment characteristics of the San Francisco Bay coastal system [abs.]: Bay-Delta Science Conference, 7th Biennial, Sacramento, Calif., October 16–18, 2012.

  • Galkiewicz, J.P., Stellick, S.H., Gray, M.A., and Kellogg, C.A., Cultured fungal associates from the deep-sea coral Lophelia pertusa: Deep-Sea Research Part I.

  • Gray, M.A., Pratte, Z.A., and Kellogg, C.A., Comparison of DNA preservation methods for environmental bacterial-community samples: FEMS Microbiology Ecology.

  • Lacy, J.R., and MacVean, L.J., Sediment dynamics in the shallows of San Francisco Bay [abs.]: Bay-Delta Science Conference, 7th Biennial, Sacramento, Calif., October 16–18, 2012.

  • Lentz, E., Hapke, C., Stockdon, H.F., and Hehre, R., Improving understanding of long-term barrier island evolution through multi-decadal assessment of morphologic change: Marine Geology.

  • Long, J.W., and Plant, N.G., Extended Kalman filter framework for forecasting shoreline evolution: Geophysical Research Letters.

  • McGann, M., Agglutinated foraminifera Trochammina hadai Uchio in San Francisco Bay, USA; dominance less than two decades after its introduction [abs.]: International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera, 9th, Zaragoza, Spain, September 3–7, 2012.

  • McMullen, K.Y., Poppe, L.J., Ackerman, S.D., Worley, C.R., Nadeau, M.A., and Van Hoy, M.V., Sea-floor geology in central Rhode Island Sound south of Sakonnet Point, Rhode Island: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012-1004.

  • Plant, N.G., and Stockdon, H.F., Probabilistic prediction of barrier-island response to hurricanes: Journal of Geophysical Research.

  • Poppe, L.J., Danforth, W.W., McMullen, K.Y., Blankenship, M.A., Glomb, K.A., Wright, D.B., and Smith, S.M., Sea-floor character and sedimentary processes of Block Island Sound: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012-1005.

  • Renault, L., Chiggiato, J., Warner, J.C., Vizoso, G., Ruiz, S., Gomez, M., and Tintore, J., Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Wave simulations of a storm event over the Gulf of Lion and Balearic Sea: Journal of Geophysical Research–Oceans.

  • Stevens, A.W., Gelfenbaum, G., Kaminsky, G.M., and Ruggiero, P., Southwest Washington littoral drift restoration; beach and nearshore morphological monitoring: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report.

  • Todd, B.J., Valentine, P.C., and Shaw, J., Shaded seafloor topography, Georges Bank, Funidan Channel, and Northeast Channel, Gulf of Maine: Geological Survey of Canada A-series Map, 9 sheets.

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