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USGS Ocean Data Ambassador Announces New Website for Marine Planning and Resource Management

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U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientific information addresses fundamental questions for planning and managing human activities in the ocean and along the coast, such as: What are the locations of living, mineral, and energy resources? How are resource locations expected to change in the future? What are the structure, processes, and character of the earth under the sea? Which parts of the coastline are most vulnerable to storms, tsunamis, or sea-level rise? What coastal processes protect human life and property? Assisting marine planners and resource managers in finding USGS data that answer such questions is the role of the USGS Ocean Data Ambassador, Fran Lightsom of the USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center in Woods Hole, Massachusetts. One of the services she provides is a new website, “USGS Information for Marine Planners and Resources Managers.”

Screenshot of the new website, 'USGS Information for Marine Planners and Resources Managers'
Above: The new website, “USGS Information for Marine Planners and Resources Managers,” assists marine planners and resource managers in finding USGS information. New information will be added to the website as it is identified. In the future, the website will make use of the USGS Science Data Catalog to provide consistent and comprehensive listings of USGS data that meet the needs of these customers. [larger version]

The Ocean Data Ambassador will serve as the USGS point of contact for the U.S. ocean and coastal management community, with a focus on networking with regional ocean partnerships, regional planning bodies, and state and local agencies. In addition to providing information about data that are available from USGS, Lightsom will accept requests for additional datasets and work with USGS data managers to develop data products and services that meet the requirements of this important set of customers.

Lightsom is one of a network of agency ocean data ambassadors recognized by the Data and Information Working Group of the National Ocean Council. This network assists regional alliances and planning bodies in locating federal data for marine planning and other elements of the National Ocean Policy. (To learn more about the National Ocean Council and National Ocean Policy, visit the National Ocean Council website: http://www.whitehouse.gov/administration/eop/oceans.) The ocean data ambassadors are also working to improve the utility of the data.gov ocean community to provide these data in the future, but regional alliances and planning bodies need information now, so Lightsom developed the new USGS website for immediate use.

The website provides access to information from across the USGS, organized by using a set of data categories that describe the information needs for marine spatial planning. With this system of organization, marine planners can quickly identify which of their requirements can be met by the USGS. The website also includes links to USGS models and other tools that might be useful to this audience. In the future, Lightsom plans to rely on the USGS Science Data Catalog to provide a comprehensive and automatically updated view of appropriate USGS data; but for now, data services and other resources are identified and linked to the website individually. Lightsom (flightsom@usgs.gov) would appreciate hearing from USGS colleagues who know of additional resources that could be added to the website.

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