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Fieldwork Highlights:

Photo showing the cave passage and diver, with green tint from the water and strong shadows from the light source
Life in Total Darkness- Underwater Cave Ecosystems

Group photo of Department of Interior UAS pilots with molten lava in the background
WHCMSC Aerial Imaging and Mapping Group Aids with Kilauea Eruption

Graphic map showing approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork
Recent Fieldwork

Graphic map showing approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork
Recent Fieldwork

Graphic map of the U.S. showing locations of recent fieldwork.
Recent Fieldwork

Photo of instrumented quadpod being deployed at Matanzas Inlet site A.
USGS Deploys Oceanographic Gear near Matanzas Inlet, Florida

Graphic map shows Rio Grande Rise, comprised of two major seafloor features
Dredging Up Clues to the History and Resources of the Rio Grande Rise

Graphic map showing approximate locations of recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork
Recent Fieldwork

Graphic map showing approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork.
Recent Fieldwork

Map showing approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork over the past month
Recent Fieldwork

USGS air photo of the Mud Creek landslide, taken on May 27, 2017
USGS Monitors Huge Landslides on California's Big Sur Coast

Approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork
Recent Fieldwork

Map showing approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork
Recent Fieldwork

Approximate locations of some recent USGS coastal and offshore fieldwork.
Recent Fieldwork

The crown of a stalked crinoid is collected by the <i>Deep Discoverer</i>
Exploring Remote Pacific Marine Protected Areas

Pamela Swarzenski from the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center sampling gas released by gas hydrate breakdown
Indian Ocean Gas Hydrates Drilling

The mapping team in front of the old Coast Guard Station at Cape Cod National Seashore
Coastal Maps from Unmanned Aerial Systems

Aerial view (taken by a drone) of the USGS team sampling seawater for carbonate chemistry along the reef of Ka
Examining the Chemistry of Seawater for Health of West Maui's Coral Reefs

Survey team on fantail of research vessel
Investigating the Offshore Queen Charlotte-Fairweather Fault System in Southeastern Alaska

Northern U.S. Atlantic margin, showing major canyons that cut through the continental shelf, seeps, and piston cores
Sampling Atlantic Margin Methane Seeps and Plumes

USGS scientist Lisa Robbins next to the research vessel Atlantis
USGS Oceanographer Participating on Collaborative U.S. and Canadian Research Cruise in the Davis Strait between Greenland and Canada

Map of Western Paciļ¬c Ocean, showing location of Mariana Trench and Kermadec Trench
Scientists Investigate the Virtually Unexplored Mariana Trench

This southern sea otter is settling down to rest in a small patch of Egregia feather boa kelp
California's Sea Otter Numbers Holding Steady

Science and technical crew aboard the research vessel (R/V) Marcus G. Langseth
Atlantic Margin Expedition Combines Landslide Studies with Mapping

The Free-Ascending Tripod (FAT) being deployed in the South China Sea
Tripod Brings Data from the Deep Seafloor of the South China Sea

USGS team on the exploration vessel (E/V) <i>Nautilus</i>
Earthquake, Landslide, and Tsunami Hazards in the Caribbean

Large swells from the north-northeast with heights up to 5 meters (16 feet) combined with unusually high tides to inundate much of the Republic of the Marshall Islands
Assessing Climate Change Vulnerability of Pacific Atolls

Large detached block of mudstone sitting at the base of the west wall of Heezen Canyon.
Exploring Undersea Terrain Off the Northern U.S. Atlantic Coast

USGS engineering technician Pete Dal Ferro checks the status of the hydraulic drill during the coring of a head of Porites lobata
Changing Coral Reef Ecosystems Along West Maui

High-resolution seismic-reflection image collected during a research cruise to study sites with high saturations of gas hydrate in the northern Gulf of Mexico in April and May 2013.
Deepwater Gas Hydrate Deposits in the Gulf of Mexico

SEABOSS sampler
Seafloor Sampling off Massachusetts

USGS crew pulling in nets
Juvenile Surf Smelt and Sand Lance in Central Puget Sound, Washington

Barnegat Inlet
Water-Quality Dynamics in Barnegat Bay-Little Egg Harbor Estuary

Hurricane Sandy
Scientists Predict, Measure Sandy's Impacts

rover Curiosity
USGS Scientists Exploring Mars

Southern Louisiana and the site of the Deepwater Horizon oil-spill incident.
Oil-Spill-Mitigation Sand Berm in the Chandeleur Islands

California sea otter
Weather Prevents Survey of California Sea Otter Population

Survey aircraft
Seabird and Mammal Surveys Off U.S. West Coast

The Healy breaking ice in front of the Louis during multichannel seismic-reflection data acquisition.
Arctic Expedition Reaches 88.5 Degrees North Latitude

view of Glines Canyon Dam two weeks after removal began
Elwha Dam Removal Begins

Multibeam bathymetric data
Mapping Mid-Atlantic Canyons to Assess Tsunami Hazards

The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy and the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis S. St-Laurent
Arctic Ocean Research: Polar Ocean Acidification Study

Researchers board the USGS research vessel Alaska Gyre
Alaska Sea Otter Expedition Investigates Coastal Health

Members of the May 2011 international tsunami survey team
International Team Studies Tsunami Deposits

Pete Dal Ferro, Jenny White, and Joanne Thede Ferreira deploy a platform
Tidal Marshes of San Francisco Bay

Sea otter
Sea Otter Numbers Drop

Patrick Hart and Chuck Worley deploy the mini-sparker.
Subsea Permafrost and Gas Hydrates Offshore of Alaska

Scientists Map the Arctic Seafloor

Light Amphibious Resupply Cargo (LARC) vehicle
Coastal Erosion at Cape Hatteras, NC

extent of the oil slick on May 1
USGS Responds to Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Coast of Massachusetts in the region of Cape Cod
Measuring Tidal Flows in the Cape Cod Canal

Initial estimates of maximum tsunami-wave-height distribution for Tutuila
Surprises from the Samoa Tsunami

Degraded coral reef with dead A. palmata and poor water quality.
Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Coral Growth

seismic-reflection profile of lake-bottom depression at seep and methane bubbles in water column
Link Between Arctic Methane Seeps and Degassing Methane Hydrates

Fishing vessel Tiki XIV
Geophysical Survey Aids Virgin Islands Tsunami-Hazard Assessment

Oblique view of the continental slope of Georges Bank
Submarine Landslides as Potential Triggers of Tsunamis

Chris Smith collects water samples at Indian River Lagoon
Submarine Groundwater Discharge Along the West Florida Shelf

Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis S. St-Laurent and U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy
Icebreaker Surveys in the Arctic Ocean

study area
Barrier Island Evolution: Ship and Horn Islands

Kristen Hart releasing a juvenile green sea turtle after workup and tagging
Tracking Sea Turtles

Newly discovered Pacific iguana Brachylophus bulabula; male
Scientists Discover New Pacific Iguana

Hurricane Gustav making landfall
Coastal Impacts of Hurricanes Gustav and Ike

sea otters floating among the bull kelp
Sea Otter Population Recovery Continues at Slower Rate

Coral team braves the wind for a group shot on deck.
Corals, Habitats, and Paleoclimate in the Drake Passage

Joanne Ferreira is pleased to see the tripod she deployed on the Palos Verdes shelf 5 months earlier.
Palos Verdes Shelf Experiment: Contaminated Mud

Installing a water-quality probe and global positioning system unit on a traditional canoe
Water Quality in the Salish Sea

Calibrating Proxies for Holocene Climate Study
Calibrating Proxies for Holocene Climate Study

Research vessel Thomas G. Thompson
Iron Biogeochemistry in the Gulf of Alaska

Scott Brandenberg and Brian Collins recording landslide-damage observations
Earthquake Damage Near Nuclear Power Plant

Inspection of ocean-bottom seismometers after recovery
Ocean-Bottom Seismometers Monitor Earthquake Swarms

Stan Locker, Shane Dunn, Kevin Bradley, and Al Hine
Sea-Floor Mapping in the Gulf of Mexico

View of the Asan Unit of War-in-the-Pacific National Historical Park
Effects of Watershed Erosion on Coral Reefs in Guam

Research vessel Zephyr
Tar Seeps in the Santa Barbara Channel

Adrian Green and Laura Erban sampling groundwater sampling ground water beneath the Corsica River
Submarine Ground Water on Maryland's Eastern Shore Outreach

perspective view of the bathymetry of the Mona Passage
New Bathymetric Map of Mona Passage

Study area west of San Francisco, California
Surveying Faults and Sediment Outside San Francisco Bay

whooper swan
Satellites Help Scientists Track Migratory Birds

top of a tunicate colony of Didemnum species
Invasive Sea Squirts Persist on Georges Bank

Ann Gibbs ready to board the floatplane.
Aerial Shoreline Reconnaissance of Alaska's North Slope

Golden Gate area, showing positions of the merchant vessel Blue Harp and the tank barge Dottie after a hypothetical collision 11 nautical miles southwest of the Golden Gate.
Oil Spill Response Exercise

field crew sets up a global-positioning-system
Measuring Hurricane Impact Along the Louisiana Coastline

Brian Collins oversees simultaneous laser-scanning and differential global-positioning-system surveys at the Orleans Avenue Canal pump station.
Scientists Revisit New Orleans Levee Breaks

Andrew Schwartz and Dan Hanes maneuver an Aquadopp current profiler and its frame in the surf.
Surf-Zone Hydrodynamics at Ocean Beach

Augustine Volcano
Monitoring Eruption of Augustine Volcano

Hurricane Wilma
Monitoring Hurricane Wilma's Storm Surge

Sites where Kayen and Collins surveyed levees in New Orleans.
USGS Scientists Investigate New Orleans Levees

research vessel Rafael
New Equipment Deployed to Map Sea-Floor Geology

Tunicate colony of Didemnum sp., with a typical lumpy surface
Sea Squirt Colonies Persist on Georges Bank

Hurricane Rita
Measuring Hurricane Impacts

Scott Wilson, Clint Jeske, and Bob Keeland rescue a stranded woman from the New Orleans floodwaters
USGS Provides Aid in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

post-Katrina photo
Coastal Impacts of Hurricane Katrina

surf scoter nest
Locating Surf Scooter Nests in the Northern Boreal Forest

Don Hickey cores one of the large Montastraea faveolata coral heads as Chris Reich waits to help extract the core.
Coral Coring in Flower Garden Banks NMS

USGS-WHOI ocean-bottom seismometer
Northeastern Caribbean Tsunami and Earthquake Hazards

Technical diver Lance Horn poses during a decompression stop.
Deep Diving at the Shelf Edge

Etienne Kingsley and Gegar Prasetya standing at what was the high-tide line before the March 28 earthquake
Second Tsunami Causes Damage in Indonesia

mosque is left standing amid the rubble in Banda Aceh
Tsunami Survey Finds Evidence of Astonishing Wave Heights

Photograph of damage at Kalmunai.
Tsunami Deposits

computer model of tsunami
Indian Ocean Tsunami

Sediment burying a coral reef.
Sediment Impacts on Reef Corals

destroyed house
Images and Information About Recent Hurricanes

Eelgrass in Puget Sound

Brian Andrews with the Mini SEABOSS ready for deployment from the research vessel Rafael.
Mapping the South Essex Ocean Sanctuary

Liquid CO2 bubbles
Marianas Submarine Hydrothermal Systems

Kayakers and a sea otter.
Sea-Otter Numbers at Record High

Jodi Harney, Paul Carlson, Guy Cochrane, and Hank Chezar
Benthic Habitats in Glacier Bay

Rick Gmirkin, Tom Reiss, and Cheryl Hapke
Geologic Resources of Hawai'i

John Lisle doing fieldwork in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica.
Microbial Life in Antarctic Lakes

The ROV Ventana being deployed from the research vessel Point Lobos.
Search for Instruments Yields New Data

John Crusius and Eric White prepare gear and vessel for launching in the extreme cold.
Submarine Ground Water in Rhode Island

Jonathan Borden and Steve Ruane reach for the floats at the top of a mooring to start the recovery process.
Turbidity Flows Recorded in Monterey Canyon

Eric Grossman surveying the shallow waters of the near-shore by kayak.
Mapping Hawaiian National Parks

Deployment of oceanographic equipment off the research vessel Dan Moore.
Sediment Transport off South Carolina

piston core
Southern California Gas Hydrate Discovered

 High-resolution topography of a part of Hatteras Island, measured with NASA
Impacts of Hurricane Isabel

Surveying the beach with ground-penetrating radar
Ancient Landscapes Beneath South Carolina Beaches

Josh Logan and Curt Storlazzi deploy an instrument package.
West Maui Coastal Circulation Experiment

star coral
Scientists Explore What Could Be the Deepest Coral Reef in the Continental United States

California sea otter
California Sea Otter Numbers Are Up for the 2003 Census

bathymetric-surveying waverunners
North Carolina's Outer Banks

Retrieval of the SeaBED Autonomous Undersea Vehicle
Autonomous Vehicle Studies the Sea Floor

Microphotograph of bottom sediment at 9-meter depth off the Chienti River in the Adriatic Sea
Adriatic Sea Instrument Redeployment

U.S. Geological Survey researchers in collaboration with National Park Service archeologists
Monitoring USS Arizona

The SHARQ chamber is designed to isolate water and underlying sea floor for study
Seagrass Restoration in Tampa Bay

chunks of gas hydrate recovered from beneath the floor of the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico Gas Hydrate

seismic-reflection mapping off Southern California
Southern California Offshore Hazards

California sea otters
California Sea Otter Numbers Slide for Second Straight Year

Mapping Lake Mohave

Dann Blackwood prepares a small van Veen grab
Contaminants Cruise off San Francisco

Gas hyrate research well in northern Canada during logging and coring operations
Canadian Arctic Gas-Hydrate Wells

view from St. John during African dust event
African Sahel Dust

a western snowy plover chick
Protecting Shorebirds in Santa Barbara

a diver photographs Honduran coral reefs
Coral Reef Health in Honduras

Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) for Cape Cod National Seashore.

Securing the underwater camera package to the seabed in April 2001.

Katie Ciembronowicz in the one-person submersible on board the NOAA vessel Gordon Gunter.

Oblique, shaded-relief views of Puyallup delta.

Aerial view of the 400-ft-deep oceanic blue hole (Lighthouse Reef Atoll Blue Hole) located east of Belize.

California Pacific Blacktail doe browsing in the rich vegetation supported by water and oil seepage.

EARRL laser points

Beach near Katalla, Alaska

The H.L. Hunley in the lifting sling.

Submersible Habitat for Analyzing Reef Quality

Dave Walsh, John Borden, and Rick Rendigs begin the grappling-hook attempt on tripod B.

Project head Andrea Ogston and the reef instrument package.

Map showing location of moorings deployed in the Hudson Shelf Valley and adjacent shelf.

Sidescan-sonar mosaic of the study area

Hatteras Island, NC, on September 8, 1999, looking south toward Cape Hatteras after Hurricane Dennis.

Shrimp arrange themselves (nearly) symmetrically around a burrowing cerianthid anemone on Stellwagen Bank.

inflatable boat (snout rig) used for the sidescan-sonar operation along the Colorado River

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