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Meetings Highlights:

AGU 2017 meeting poster photo collage showing 4 people in silhouette against  composited terrains
Highlights from the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting

USGS scientists at the USGS exhibitor booth
SACNAS Conference

Joe Long collects data in the field
USGS Oceanographer Invited as Keynote Speaker for XBeachX Conference

Elizabeth Pendleton describes USGS work to map the Massachusetts seafloor to State Senator Viriato deMacedo
Massachusetts Senate Visits Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center

Marine geology enthusiasts at the Council for Geoscience (CGS) conference
Sam Johnson is Keynote Speaker at Geological Conference in South Africa

The 3DR Solo with GoPro Hero4 camera and gimbal
Coastal and Marine Geology is Airborne!

Group photo for the COAWST 2016 training.
Advanced Model Training for Predicting Coastal Storm Impacts

The first Latin-American Ocean Acidification Workshop held in Dichato, Chile, sponsored by the OA-ICC and the Universidad de Concepcion, Institute de Musels, Chile
A-ICC Training Courses on Ocean Acidification

Slide showing the home page of the West Coast Ocean Data Portal website
Spring 2015 Monterey Bay Marine GIS User Group Meeting

Excerpt from sheet 1 of USGS Open-File Report 2014–1214 produced by the California Seafloor and Coastal Mapping Program
Workshops on the California Seafloor and Coastal Mapping Program

The USGS Gas Hydrates Project hosts group from Japan
USGS Gas Hydrates Project Hosts Japanese Colleagues

Meeting participants
2013 Meeting of the Curators of Marine and Lacustrine Geological Samples Group

Lee Brinton
Spring 2013 Monterey Bay Marine GIS User Group Meeting

 USGS geochemist Renee Takesue installing a sensor to monitor turbidity over an eelgrass (Zostera marina) bed near the Nisqually Delta restoration site in Puget Sound
Future of Pacific Northwest Seagrasses in a Changing Climate

Geologists Erin Todd and Amy Draut
Strategic IODP Planning Workshop for Ultra-Deep Drilling into Arc Crust

2012 Extended Continental Shelf Technical Workshop
U.S. Extended Continental Shelf Project Holds Workshop

East Breaks Landslide
Workshop on Probability of Landslide-Generated Tsunamis

USGS exhibit team and guests.
SACNAS National Conference

Participants in the St. Petersburg, Florida meeting
Working Sessions on Use Cases for Semantic-Web Development

Guy Gelfenbaum presents a student-paper award to Sierd de Vries
Coastal Sediments '11

South Bay Science Symposium

Cold-water-coral habitat
International Workshop on Cold-Water Corals

Jon Childs and Chris Polloni
Knowledge Management Workshop

S. Jeffress Williams
Vulnerability of Coasts to Sea-Level Rise

Diego Arcas
Tsunami Preparedness Drill

Delta Research and Global Observation Network
USGS and U.S. Department of State Assist in the Mekong Delta

Jean Weaver meets with Adam Baske and Nancy Daves
CCAA Miami Conference on the Caribbean and Central America

Workshop participants.
Workshop on Data-Preservation Techniques

Meeting participants discuss possible collaboration efforts
New England Lidar Workshop

Coastal Erosion Workshop participants
Coastal Erosion Workshop in Ghana

Generalized map of Southeastern United States
Northeast Florida Environmental Law Summit

Meeting of the Tampa Bay Science Education Leadership Group
Scientific and Environmental Organizations Meet

Pam Malam, Bill Schwab, Rafael (Willie) Rodriguez, and Suzette Kimball conduct a panel discussion on diversity in the USGS workforce
Diversity in the USGS Workforce

Bratton family
Field Trip for Association of American Geographers Meeting

Santa Barbara Channel area
USGS/DOI Santa Barbara Channel Workshop

Digital-elevation model of the sea floor off Garden, Bush, and Long Keys in Dry Tortugas National Park
Airborne Lidar Processing System Workshop

Gulf of Mexico Lophelia pertusa reef
Trans-Atlantic Coral Ecosystem Study

wetlands of Louisiana
Northern Gulf of Mexico Land-Cover Characterization Workshop

Typical wetland in Puget Sound
Workshop on Impacts of Sea Level Rise

Field-trip leader Ed Clifton explains how complex structures observed in the Carmelo Formation may have formed.
USGS Emeritus Scientist Leads Field Trip

detail from cover of proceedings volume
USGS Participates in Groundwater-Seawater Interactions Symposium

Alan Allwardt
Scientists Meet Managers at Coastal Zone 2007

Mark Myers, Doug Domenech, and Kirk Rhinehart in seaplane
DOI Officials Visit Federal Lands Affected by 2005 Hurricanes

instruments mounted on personal watercraft
Onshore-Offshore Geologic Map Workshop

inundation map of coastal Louisiana during Hurricane Rita
USGS Science Highlighted at National Hurricane Conference

map showing Hanalei river
Hanalei Watershed Workshop

Hydrologist Ann Tihansky uses climbing gear to access instrumentation on an evapotranspiration tower
Getting to Know ET (Evapotranspiration)

Dirk Kempthorne and Minister Sun
Chinese Delegation Briefed on USGS Science

Relative coastal vulnerability to sea-level rise at Fire Island National Seashore, displayed in Google Earth
New Directions in Geographic Visualization of Scientific Data

a tagged Callyspongia plicifera sponge
Benthic Sponge Taxonomy Course at Mote Marine Laboratory

Mike Torresan talks to a conference attendee visiting the U.S. Geological Survey booth.
California and the World Ocean Conference

Participants of the Genomic Aerobiology workshop
Genomic Aerobiology Workshop

Ann Tihansky
Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting

Kristen Hart discusses her work on diamondback terrapins
First International Symposium on Mangroves as Fish Habitat

deep sea corals
Third International Symposium on Deep-Sea Corals

piping plover
USGS Scientists Participate in Beach Nourishment Workshop

First-generation DART mooring.
Workshop on DART Network for Tsunami Forecasting

meeting participants watch the projected three-dimensional representations of the Puerto Rico Trench
2005 Meeting of the Digital Library for Earth System Education

Lisa Robbins, Russ Hall, Brian Katz, Folkston Mayor Dixie McGurn, Ellen Raabe, and Robin Schrock
Suwannee River Basin and Estuary Integrated Science Workshop

Peter Betzer (University of South Florida), Joanie Kleypas (NCAR), Chris Langdon (University of Miami), Vicky Fabry (California State University), Richard Feely (NOAA), Lisa Robbins (USGS), and Chris Sabine (NOAA).
Impact of Carbon Dioxide on Marine Life

Rob Wertz, Shawn Dadisman, Alan Allwardt, Dennis Krohn, Jon Childs, Fran Lightsom, Nancy Soderberg, Carolyn Degnan, Clint Steele, and Brian Buczkowski
Knowledge Management for Coastal and Marine Geology

Victor Levesque speaks with Roger Johansson
Tampa Bay Study's 4th Annual Science Conference

Starbucks in China
International Symposium on Coastal Issues

Jim Flocks
Marine Educators Conference

Underwater image of a healthy reef system
10th International Coral Reef Symposium

Conference participant examines Jeff Williams
Cape Cod Natural History Conference

Breakout group includes David Hollander, David Hastings, Dawn Lavoie, and Deb Willard.
Tampa Bay Study's Annual Conference

Geek Award
Geographic Information Systems Workshop

Tampa Bay IMS
Internet Tools Featured at Tampa Bay Workshop

Preliminary views of particle-associated optical backscatter in Chesapeake Bay before (left) and after (right) Hurricane Isabel.
Chesapeake Bay Science

Dawn Wright, Glynn Williams, and Florence Wong
ESRI International User Conference 2003

Trent Faust
Coastal and Marine Knowledge Bank Workshop: Initiating MontereyBayScience.org

Heather Henkel demonstrates the new Internet Map Server
Greater Everglades Ecosystem Restoration Conference

Researcher bicycles to work in the Netherlands
Sediment-Transport Researchers Go Dutch

Managers wade to scientific exhibits at Mariposa Key
Managers Tour the Tampa Bay Estuary

Gulf of Mexico Integrated Science

Marine Ecology Workshop story

Mike Field, Brad Butman, Bob Morton, Mike Carr, and Jeff Williams

Continental Borderland

St. Petersburg office

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