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Field Spectrometers and Field Spectroscopy


(Use of trade names are for descriptive purposes only and does not constitute endoresment by the USGS or spectroscopy lab personnel.)

Field Spectrometers

We are currently using two ASD FR (0.4 - 2.5 micron) field spectrometers to measure samples and provide for in situ calibration of surface reflectance for terrestrial imaging spectroscopy studies. They also serve as laboratory spectrometers when rapid spectra are needed. In calibrating standards in the field, we usually obtain hundreds of spectra at a site and average them to provide an average spectrum similar to what the remote sensing instruments measure. We find that no field instrument can have the quality of a stable laboratory instrument because of temperature drifts and rapidly changing atmospheric absorptions. Thus we also obtain field samples which we measure on our laboratory instruments to confirm spectral details and to provide information for removing artifacts from the field data. This two step approach is our best assurance of precise spectra.

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