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Photo Gallery


image of fisherman at Wilson Dam

Commercial and recreational fishermen proudly display their “catch of the day” below the Wilson Dam outside of Florence, Alabama (circa 1940).

image of boats on lake Guntersville

Recreation has always been an important aspect of life along the Tennessee River, as documented by these pleasure boaters on Lake Guntersville in the 1940’s.

image of riverboat on the Tennessee River

Riverboats were once a common figure along the Tennessee River.  Large paddle-wheelers such as, the “Delta Queen”, traveled up and down the Tennessee River transporting passengers and housing social events (taken at Pickwick Reservoir, circa 1945).

image of commercial musseling activities

With roots dating back to the late 1800’s, commercial musseling was once a thriving industry along the Tennessee River.  Fresh-water clams have been used in both the pearl and button industry.  Nowadays, clams are exported to countries like Japan and Taiwan where they’re used to culture fresh-water pearls (taken in Kentucky Lake, circa 1947).


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