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Agricultural Land-use Survey--Eastern Highland Rim (LUS1)

Map of the LTEN sudy unit with the Eastern Highland Rim highlighted

An agricultural land-use study is planned for the Eastern Highland Rim during the spring and summer of the year 2000. The Eastern Highland Rim was selected for an agricultural land use study because rowcrop agriculture represents about 16 percent of the total land use and ground water use is highest in this subunit.  


About 30 randomly located wells will be installed in the regolith in agricultural settings. These wells will be screened near the top of the water table in order to sample recently recharged ground water. These wells will be sampled for major ions, nutrients, and pesticides (see list of constituents). Land use within 500 meters of each well will be characterized to determine if there is a relation between water quality and agricultural land use in this geologic setting.  

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