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National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program
Lower Tennessee River Basin

Technical Reports


·         Water-Quality in the Lower Tennessee River Basin: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1233--by M.D. Woodside, A.B. Hoos, J.A. Kingsbury, J.R. Powell, R.R. Knight, J.W. Garrett, R.L. Mitchell, III, and J.A. Robinson

·         National Water-Quality Assessment Program: Lower Tennessee River Basin: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet FS-014-98, 4p --by Woodside, Michael D., and Mitchell, III, Reavis L., 1998

·         Environmental setting and water-quality issues in the lower Tennessee River Basin: Water-Resources Investigations Report 99-4080 -- by J.A. Kingsbury, A.B. Hoos, and M.D. Woodside, 1999

·         Sources, instream transport, and trends of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment in the Lower Tennessee River Basin, 1980-96: Water-Resources Investigations Report 99-4139 -- by A.B. Hoos, J.A. Robinson, R.A. Aycock, R.R. Knight, and M.D. Woodside, 1999

·         Occurrence and Distribution of Organochlorine Pesticides, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, and Trace Elements in Fish Tissue in the Lower Tennessee River Basin, 1980-98: Water-Resources Investigations Report 01-4184 – by Rodney R. Knight and Jeffrey R. Powell, 2001

·         Water Quality of the Flint River Basin, Alabama and Tennessee, 1999-2000: Water-Resources Investigations Report 01-4185 – by Anne B. Hoos, Jerry W. Garrett, and Rodney R. Knight, 2002

·         Water Quality of the Mississippian Carbonate Aquifer in Parts of Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama, 1999: Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4083 – by James A. Kingsbury and John M. Shelton, 2002

·         Response of Fish Communities to Cropland Density and Natural Environmental Setting in the Eastern Highland Rim Ecoregion of the Lower Tennessee River Basin, Alabama and Tennessee, 1999: Water-Resources Investigations Report 02-4268 - by Jeffrey R. Powell, 2002

·         Shallow Ground-Water Quality in Agricultural Areas of Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee: Water-Resources Investigations Report 03-4181 - by James A. Kingsbury, 2003