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Ground-Water Levels and Flow in the Memphis Aquifer, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee


The Memphis area, which includes Shelby, Fayette, and Tipton Counties, Tennessee; Crittenden County, Arkansas; and Tunica, DeSoto, and Marshall Counties, Mississippi is experiencing increased urban growth and development. The Memphis aquifer is the principal source of municipal and industrial water supplies in the Memphis area. Increases in ground-water use to meet growing demand in the Memphis area may affect ground-water flow directions, water levels, and water availability in the area.

The potentiometric surface of the Memphis aquifer at Memphis has been lowered by as much as 125 feet since predevelopment times. The continued development of the Memphis and Sparta aquifers in the region is expected to expand radially from the Memphis area. Problems associated with declining water levels and with changes in recharge to the Memphis/Sparta aquifers in the outcrop areas may adversely affect the long-term utilization of the principal aquifers in the area.

The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the University of Memphis Ground-Water Institute and the Tennessee Division of Water Supply, is conducting an investigation to evaluate ground-water levels and flow directions in the Memphis and Sparta aquifers in the three-State area around Memphis, Tennessee. Ground-water levels were measured during October and November 2000 in observation and production wells in southwestern Tennessee, eastern Arkansas, and northwestern Mississippi.

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Bradley, M.W., 2001, Ground-water levels and flow in the Memphis aquifer, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee [abs.], in Tennessee Water Resources Symposium, 11th, Burns, Tenn., 2001, Proceedings: Tennessee Section of the American Water Resources Association, p. 1A-9.

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