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Water Resources Publications of the U.S. Geological Survey for Tennessee, 1987-Present


Orders for Circulars must include report number and the complete title of report. Prices of copies may be obtained by calling 303-202-4700; payment must accompany your order.

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Publications are listed in sequential order by report number.

C 1036. Webster, D.A., 1990, Burial grounds for low-level radioactive waste at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, in Bedinger, M.S., and Stevens, P.R., eds., Safe disposal of radionuclides in low-level radioactive-waste repository sites: Low-Level Radioactive-Waste Disposal Workshop, U.S. Geological Survey, Big Bear Lake, California, July 11-16, 1987, Proceedings: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1036, p. 16-24.

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