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2001 Annual Data Report

Report Contents

Below is the 2001 Water Year Annual Data Report. Each section in the report
identified below are in individual PDF files, including individual PDF files for
each station-data page for surface water and water quality, which are listed in
the "Station Records" Web page separate from this Web page.

The list of known errors are listed in the Errata Sheet.

The individual sections are in PDF format and may be displayed using Adobe
Acrobat Reader. You can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.

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Table of Contents

      Contents (22.3Kb)
      Illustrations - Basin maps and schematics
      Downstream Order (59.3 Kb)
      Groundwater Wells (14.8 Kb)
      Discontinued Surface Water Stations (172 Kb)
      Discontinued Water-Quality Stations (44.1 Kb)
      Introduction (301 Kb)
      Surface Water and Surface-water-quality Records - Station-data pages
      Crest-Stage Stations (13.8 Kb)
      Miscellaneous Measurement Stations (178 Kb)
      Groundwater Water Level Stations (118 Kb)
      Groundwater Water-Quality stations (86.7 Kb)
      Station Name Index (52.3 Kb)


This volume of the annual Washington hydrologic data report is one of a series of annual reports that document hydrologic data gathered from the U.S. Geological Survey's surface- and ground-water data- collection networks in each State, Puerto Rico, and the Trust Territories. These records of streamflow, ground-water levels, and quality of water provide the hydrologic information needed by State, local, and Federal agencies, and the private sector for developing and managing our Nation's land and water resources.

The report is the culmination of a concerted effort by dedicated personnel of the U.S. Geological Survey who collected, compiled, analyzed, verified, and organized the data, and who edited and assembled the reports. In addition to the authors, who had primary responsibility for assuring that the information contained herein is accurate, complete, and adheres to Geological Survey policy and established guide lines, the following individuals contributed significantly to the collection, processing, and tabulation of the data:

Rodger M. Adkins
Douglas G. Call
Jay W. Chennault
Ronald P. Collins
Dwight D. Copeland
Christopher A. Curran
Douglas O. Cushman
John E. Dick
Brian W. Drost
Robert E. Drzymkowski
David M. Ely
Ken E. Frasl
Joseph C. Gilbert
Thomas W. Hale
Johnna L. Higgins
John E. Jern
Dennis J. Kent
Richard L. Kittelson
Christopherson P. Konrad
Peter H. Laird
William G. Landrum
Kevin R. Linn
Thomas E. McKenna
Laura M. Medsker
Greg W. Olsen
Jeanette F. O'Neil
Gregory J. Perry
Ralph E. Quistorff, Jr.
Andrew W. Records
Dennis R. Saunders
Galen J. Schuster
F. William Simonds
Brett A. Smith
Kurt R. Spicer
Winston C. Stokes
William A. Taylor
Evan D. Templeton
James C. Tilque
Ann Vanderpool-Kimura
Richard J. Wagner
Mark L. Weitz
Shawn G. Welch

This report was prepared in cooperation with the State of Washington and with other agencies under the general supervision of Robert A. Kimbrough, Assistant Director for Hydrologic Data, Cynthia Barton, Director, USGS Washington Water Science Center, and William T. Sexton, Regional Executive for Water, Western Region, USGS.

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