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1997-98 El Niņo Coastal Monitoring Program

Its Beach, Santa CruzBruce Richmond, Ann Gibbs, and others


1997-98 El Niņo Coastal Monitoring Sites

During late January and early February of 1998, the California Coast was hit by a series of powerful El Niņo winter storms. At least 27 counties in California were declared National Disaster Areas, with hundreds of millions of dollars in property losses. Large waves, which coincided with high tides and elevated sea levels, produced severe beach erosion.

USGS researchers and students from University of California at Santa Cruz have been conducting beach surveys and monitoring changes in coastal morphology since early October 1997. Up to 4 meters of vertical beach loss was measured on several Monterey Bay beaches between October and mid-February and many beaches were completely submerged during high tides. Historical structures that had been buried since 1983, such as wharf pilings, old seawalls, and trolley car trestles, became emergent on several Monterey Bay beaches.

Coastal protection structures emplaced following the 1982-83 El Niņo winter were mostly successful in mitigating coastal property loss due to wave attack and inundation. Most property damage was the result of the high rainfall amounts which caused flooding and landslides.

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taken from October '97 - February '98

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The Boardwalk,
Santa Cruz

Capitola Beach,

Cowells Beach,
Santa Cruz

Its Beach,
Santa Cruz

Main Beach,
Santa Cruz

Seabright Beach,
Santa Cruz

Seacliff Beach,
Santa Cruz

Esplanade Drive,

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