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La Cross-Tomah-Black River Falls Area

Includes Vernon La Cross, Monroe, Juneau, Adams, Jackson, Trempealeau, Buffalo

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  Well     County            Aquifer
AD-0076   Adams           Sand and Gravel

JA-0038   Jackson         Sand and Gravel

MO-0002   Monroe          Sandstone
MO-0010   Monroe          Sand and Gravel
MO-0017   Monroe          Sandstone

TR-0001   Trempealeau     Sandstone
TR-0009   Trempealeau     Sand and Gravel
TR-0071   Trempealeau     Sandstone

VE-0008   Vernon          Sand and Gravel
VE-0052   Vernon          Sandstone
VE-0071   Vernon          Sandstone
VE-0117   Vernon          Sandstone
VE-0271   Vernon          Sandstone
VE-0272   Vernon          Sandstone

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