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We have seen (as have other researchers) that stream flow is changed as development occurs in the watershed. In general, the flow peaks get greater after development and the flow in between rainfall events (baseflow) is reduced.

(See attached pointpoint file- use some animation in website? We could also have a photo from each of the two watersheds appear on the website to tie in the development picture to the hydrograph).

In the above July event, the peak flow at Lincoln Creek was nine times greater than in the Menomonee River - even though the monitored Lincoln Creek watershed is 3 times smaller that the Menomonee River subbasin.

We are attempting to find out just how these flow changes affect the fish and overall stream ecology. If we can determine specifically what it is about the changed flow regime that is harming the eco-system, city engineers and developers may then be able to take action. For more information regarding real-time flow data within our Study Area visit http://waterdata.usgs.gov/wi/nwis/current/?type=flow.


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