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Image Tinting - Mt. Brown


Infrared black-and-white images from 1935 at Mt. Brown Lookout in Glacier National Park, MT, USA.  Color tinting was done by hand to a set of infrared prints, the artist is unknown.  To view these images as a continuous scene, go to the Virtual Tour page.

Hand-tinting is a very detailed, labor intensive process. To make these 'colored' images, a black-and-white print (either panchromatic or infrared) was 'painted' using oil paints in painstaking detail. Individual trees, shrubs, grass, rocks, and sky were colored according to the artists interpretation. The detail in some of the images suggests that the painting may have been done on-location, with realistic rock texture and color contrasts. Although coloring choices by the artist can be drastically different from the time the photograph was taken, in the example below the alpine meadow vegetation is a mix of light brown and green - most likely a realistic depiction for the timing of the photograph, as the picture was taken on August 22nd. There are also apparent inconsistencies in the coloring of features, such as rock cliffs on Mt. Edwards tinted green. Other images show the signs of ageing and wear – smudged paint and faded underlying photographic images – as well as purple and yellow cirque basins. Pages with available hand-tinted images are labeled as tinted in the text list of photographs.

180-300° arc sector image, infrared

mbrn272ir 82235.jpg (45959 bytes)

180-300° arc sector image, hand-tinted infrared

300-60° arc sector image , infrared

mbrn271ir 82235.jpg (60632 bytes)

300-60° arc sector image , hand-tinted infrared

60-180° arc sector image , infrared

mbrn273ir 82235.jpg (61030 bytes)

60-180° arc sector image , hand-tinted infrared

Photographs courtesy of Glacier National Park archives.