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Image Map of Photograph Locations


Click on the red dot to view that locations photographs (~170 kb of images per site).   Mapped photo-point locations are approximate and intended as general locator aids only.  Identification of a photo-point on a topographic map is the best way to accurately determine the location of a photo.  Site names for each page are as written on the photographs.  These do not always coincide with present names, nor with names as given by Ray Kresek in Fire Lookouts of the Northwest.

Relief shading has been colored to indicate land ownership at each lookout site.   Orange is Blackfeet Indian Reservation, purple is Glacier National Park, green is Flathead or Lewis & Clark National Forest, dark-green is Great Bear Wilderness (National Forest), and gray is privately held or other land owners.

Photographs provided courtesy of Glacier National Park Archives.

Wedge Mountain
Two Medicine Roadside
Toma Mountain
Swiftcurrent Mountain
Standard Peak
Sherburne Lake
Scalplock Mountain
Roadside #6
Roadside #5
Roadside #4
Roadside #3
Roadside #2
Roadside #1
Ousel Peak
Nine Mile
Mount Reynolds
Mount Brown
Milk Ridge roadside
McGinnis Ridge
Looking Glass
Loneman Mountain
Indian Ridge (Numa)
Hudson Bay Roadside
Hudson Bay
Huckleberry Mountain
Hornet Mountain
Goat Haunt
Glacier Park Garage
forest fire photos
Elk Mountain
Divide Mountain
Desert Mountain
Demers Ridge
Cyclone Peak
Curley Bear
Crosley Ridge (aka Bear Mtn Point)
Coal Ridge
Bench Mark
Belton Point
Alton (Altyn) Ridge

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