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Virtual Tour from Curly Bear Lookout


Curly Bear Lookout was located at approximately 1829-m (6000') elevation, to the south of Saint Mary Lake & the town of Saint Mary, along the north-facing slopes of Curly Bear Mountain.  The lookout structure and trail are no longer present. From this location you can see Napi Point, Lower St. Mary Lake, and up towards Canada in the north.  To the east, Divide Mountain and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation are only a short distance away.  Curly Bear Mountain looms large in the view to the south, blocking out much of the view.  The Red Eagle Lake drainage lies to the east, with the summits of Almost-a-Dog, Little Chief, Red Eagle, and Going-to-the-Sun Mountains rising up from the valleys.  Coming full circle back towards north again, Saint Mary Lake and the cliffs of Singleshot Mountain are visible.  Compass headings (azimuth) are labeled across the top of the photo, while location (Curly Bear, Glacier National Park.), date of photograph (26 July 1935), photographer (Lester M. Moe), and film type (panchromatic) are labeled across the bottom.  As the original photographs were taken from corners of the lookout, the foreground does not align well where the prints were merged, although distant features are aligned quite well.  To view the original photographs go to the Curly Bear page.

curley_bear.mov (255.49 KB)

Click and drag on the image to move around.  Use the shift key to zoom in, ctrl key to zoom out.  You will need QuickTime to view this image.

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