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Virtual Tour from Goat Haunt Lookout


Goat Haunt Lookout (no lookout structure exists, but the trail ends at a spot with a nice view) is located at approximately 1341-m (4400') elevation, at the southeast end of Waterton Lake & to the north-east of Goat Haunt Ranger Station, along the west slopes of Goat Haunt Mountain.  From the lookout you can see Waterton Lake, Mount Richards, & Vimy Peak, all to the north in Canada near Waterton townsite.  To the east, most of the view is blocked by Goat Haunt Mountain, although a ridge leading up towards Mount Cleveland (the highest peak in Glacier National Park) is barely visible in the southeast.  The Waterton River Valley is to the south, with Kootenai Peak to the southwest.  Porcupine Ridge, The Sentinel, Olson Mountain, & Campbell Mountain all loom to the west, with glacial features clearly visible.  Compass headings (azimuth) are labeled across the top of the photo, while location (Goat Haunt, Glacier National Park.), date of photograph (12 August 1935), photographer (Lester M. Moe), and film type (panchromatic) are labeled across the bottom.  Although there was no lookout present when the photographs were taken (there is no lookout structure still today), the foreground does not blend well where the prints were merged, distant features are aligned quite well.  To view the original photographs go to the Goat Haunt page.

goat_haunt.mov (254.93 KB)

Click and drag on the image to move around.  Use the shift key to zoom in, ctrl key to zoom out.  You will need QuickTime to view this image.

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