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Virtual Tour from Looking Glass Lookout


Looking Glass Lookout was located at 1916-m (6288') elevation along Two Medicine Ridge in the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.  The foundation is the only remnant of the structure.   From this location you can see northward along the front-range peaks of the boundary between the Blackfeet Indian Reservation & Glacier National Park.  To the east, Two Medicine Ridge & the Blackfeet Indian Reservation extend into the distance.  To the south you can again see the front-range peaks along the boundary of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation & Glacier National Park & Lewis & Clark National Forest.  The Two Medicine & Lake Creek drainage basins lie to the east, surrounded by the peaks of Henry Mountain, Rising Wolf Mountain, Spot Mountain, & Mad Wolf Mountain - with the Continental Divide in the distance.  Compass headings (azimuth) are labeled across the top of the photo, while location (Looking Glass, Blackfeet I.S.), date of photograph (25 June 1937), photographer (Lester M. Moe), and film type (infrared) are labeled across the bottom.  Although the foreground does not blend well where the prints were merged, distant features are aligned quite well.  To view the original photographs go to the Looking Glass page.

looking_glass.mov (255.66 KB)

Click and drag on the image to move around.  Use the shift key to zoom in, ctrl key to zoom out.  You will need QuickTime to view this image.