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Mt Brown Virtual Tour


Mount Brown Lookout is located at approximately 2282-m (7487') elevation, just to the east of the head of Lake McDonald.  From the lookout you can see the Flathead Range, Belton Hills, Apgar Mountains, & Whitefish Range in the distance to the south.  To the west, Stanton Mtn & Mt Vaught are only a few miles away.  To the north the Lewis Range can be seen in the distance.  The summits of Mt Brown & Edwards Mtn are nearby in the east.  Compass headings (azimuth) are labeled across the top of the photo, while location (Mt Brown, Glacier National Park.), date of photograph (22 August 1935), photographer (Lester M. Moe), and film type (panchromatic) are labeled across the bottom.  As the original photographs were taken from corners of the lookout catwalk, the foreground does not align well where the prints were merged, although distant features are aligned quite well.  To view the original photographs go to the Mt Brown page.

mtbrown.mov (256 KB)

Click and drag on the image to move around.  Use the shift key to zoom in, ctrl key to zoom out.  You will need QuickTime to view this image.

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