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Effects of electricity on salmonid survival and embryonic development.


Trout embryo - 30 days after fertilization. (Steve Geving, Minnesota DNRC)We are exploring new and innovative mechanisms of aquatic invasive species control and eradication. In a study to determine the effects of electricity on rainbow trout embryonic development, we have determined the most critical developmental stages in which embryos are most susceptible to electric shock, specifically prior to eye formation. In addition, our scientists have conducted studies that evaluated the effects of various conductive waters where trout are found to reproduce. This study will provide managers with appropriate dose response data to conduct suppression and eradication efforts on invasive and nuisance salmonid larvae, as well as provide managers the data needed to achieve the necessary voltages to eradicate larvae.

This project is part of the Master's program of Montana State University student, Bahram Farokhkish.