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Northern Divide Bear Project - Cattle Exclusion Fences


Cattle Exclusion Fence Diagrams

Cattle graze in many areas of grizzly bear habitat within the Northern Divide Bear Project study area. From previous experience we learned cattle enter bear hair traps depositing large amounts of their hair on the barbs and sometimes knocking down the strand of barbed wire. In order to prevent this, we constructed a temporary cattle exclusion fence around the bear hair trap sites located in an areas where cattle graze.

Cattle exclusion fences can be setup using only trees, some trees, or only T-posts depending on availability of suitable trees. Below are diagrams of a cattle exclusion fence constructed using only T-posts to illustrate setup and approximate measurements to follow.

    Cattle Exclusion Fence Diagrams - materials needed and measurements

    Cattle Exclusion Fence Guy Wire Diagram - side view

*all diagrams created by A. Macleod


red-la.gif (880 bytes)  Photographs of Cattle Exclusion Fences

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