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Northern Divide Bear Project - Bear Rub Objects


Bear Rub Object Diagrams

Bears rub on many objects, each with it's own challenges for marking and attaching barbed wire or other hair collecting device. Below are diagrams of how we set up bear rub trees, bear rub trees that were also pack bumps (trees bumped by horses/mules/etc carrying packs), and fences bears pass through regularly. Read section titled Rub Object Surveys on the Northern Divide Grizzly Bear Project details page for more information.

    Bear Rub Tree Setup including materials needed

    Bear Rub Tree / Pack Bump Setup including materials needed and measurements

    Bear Rub Fence Setup

*all diagrams created by A. Macleod


red-la.gif (880 bytes)  Photographs of Bear Rubs (and Pack Bump trees)

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