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B242 Fire 1999; 2001 Plot 242D2


B242 Fire


Moderate-high severity burn with high charring of understory throughout. 40-60% consumption of duff with deep char. Fairly high 35-45% consumption of medium down fuels. Soil cover and color unchanged. 90% grasses, small shrubs, and forbs surviving in understory. Low amount of colonizers. > 98% tall shrub and small tree layer change in cover, largely consumed. 100% of intermediate trees burned; 95-98% due to char/torch, with branch consumption, and 2-5% scorch. 100% intermediate tree mortality. Strata C and D much more severely impacted than understory. Char height is < 5 m. Black Spruce/Tussock Tundra community.


PLOT 242D2
A. Substrates 1.27
B. Vegetation <1 m. 1.17
C. Vegetation 1-5 m. 2.85
D. Intermediate Trees 2.88
E. Big Trees N/A
Understory CBI 1.63
Overstory CBI 2.88
Total Plot 2.04