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McNally Fire 2002; 2003 Plot 36 CBI = 1.97




97% burn with 30% pre-fire rock and soil. High impacts to substrates, somewhat less to larger shrubs, and least so to low vegetation. > 95% consumption of litter and light fuels, about 30% increase in soil cover. No larger down fuels. Stratum B mostly burned off with 70% living, and moderate amounts of colonizing grasses and annual herbs. Larger shrubs torched and charred with large reduction in cover and moderate branch loss; but 90% are resprouting. No overstory trees. Open oak/ mixed shrub grassland.


A. Substrates 2.53
B. Vegetation <1 m. 1.43
C. Vegetation 1-5 m. 1.95
D. Intermediate Trees N/A
E. Big Trees N/A
Understory CBI 1.97
Overstory CBI N/A
Total Plot 1.97