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McNally Fire 2002; 2003 Plot 18B CBI = 2.26




100% burn except 25% pre-fire rock cover. 95% litter, light fuel and duff consumed. About 35% increase in exposed soil/rock. Stratum B shows 80-90% survival, but moderate amount of colonizing grasses and annuals. Moderate-high potential change in species composition. Larger shrubs top-killed by torch-char with some branch loss, and 20% surviving. About 10% pre-fire tree cover was 100% killed mostly by scorch and a trace amount of char. Mountain mahogany, Cerocampus, Flannel brush, Manzanita mixed Chaparral/Oak/Pine type.


A. Substrates 2.53
B. Vegetation <1 m. 1.95
C. Vegetation 1-5 m. 2.48
D. Intermediate Trees N/A
E. Big Trees 2.15
Understory CBI 2.30
Overstory CBI 2.15
Total Plot 2.26