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Hoover Fire 2001; 2002 Plot U134



50% patchy burn with light charring of understory. Litter and light fuels 20-30% consumed. 10-20% duff consumption with light char. 5-15% consumption of medium down fuels, and 2-10% consumption of heavy down fuels with shallow char. No change in soil cover or color. 100% of grasses, small shrubs, and forbs remain living in understory. No increase in new colonizers. 100% of larger shrubs and small trees remain green. > 98% of intermediate trees are green with 2-5% of crown torch/char. 100% of big trees are green with some slight girdling impacts. 4% overstory tree mortality overall. Char height < 1 m. Consistent low scores in all strata yield low overall plot CBI average. California Red Fir forest and woodland community.


A. Substrates 0.40
B. Vegetation <1 m. 0.00
C. Vegetation 1-5 m. 0.10
D. Intermediate Trees 0.35
E. Big Trees 0.05
Understory CBI 0.18
Overstory CBI 0.20
Total Plot 0.19