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Gin Flat PW-3 RX Fire 2002; 2003 Plot PU21 CBI = 0.91




Patchy 60% burn with light charring of understory throughout. Consumption of litter 50% and duff 25%. Consumption of down fuels 18% and deep char. Small change in soil cover and color 25%. No forbs or grasses occured in understory. Shrub and small tree mortality is very low. Overstory trees show slight torching and girdling 5%. Char height is < 1 m. Mixed conifer community.


A. Substrates 1.34
B. Vegetation <1 m. N/A
C. Vegetation 1-5 m. 1.08
D. Intermediate Trees 0.34
E. Big Trees N/A
Understory CBI 1.22
Overstory CBI 0.34
Total Plot 0.91