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Section 33 Fire 2004; 2005 Plot CBI-03




100% burn with high charring of understory throughout. 100% consumption of litter and >98% of light fuel. 45-55% duff consumption with deep char. 15-25% consumption of medium down fuels; 5-10% consumption of heavy down fuels. > 80% change in soil cover and color. 90-98% of grasses, small shrubs, and forbs burned in understory, with 25-35% survival and high change in species relative abundance, but low numbers of new colonizers. > 95% of tall shrubs and small trees burned in understory, charred with branch consumption. 100% of intermediate and big trees burned due to torch with branch consumption. 100% overstory tree mortality. Lower strata A rating somewhat moderates overall CBI total. Mixed conifer/deciduous forest type.


A. Substrates 1.40
B. Vegetation <1 m. 2.75
C. Vegetation 1-5 m. 2.90
D. Intermediate Trees 2.96
E. Big Trees 3.00
Understory CBI 2.46
Overstory CBI 2.97
Total Plot 2.68