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CBI Photo Credits (in progress)


Notice to contributors: If you happen to see one of your photos that we have not credited appropriately, please let us know and we will gladly make corrections.


All images courtesy of Carl Key, USGS, unless otherwise noted below.


  • Reconnaissance & Scenic: NPS Alaska and Yukon Charlie Fire Management
  • Noatak N.P. - Tundra - Series 1: Plot V09, V05, R45 - J. Allen, B. Sorbel; Plot W11 - L. Weddle, E. Jordan; Plot W01 - J. Allen, L Weddle

  • California Yosemite N.P.

    California Other

  • Reconnaissance & Scenic: d739 - Paul Reeburg; McNally_38S2, McNally_Nonplot1 & McNally_Nonplot2 - Nate Benson, NPS.

  • Central U.S.

    Eastern U.S.

  • Reconnaissance & Scenic: Okefenokee NWR Fire Management

  • Northern U.S. Rockies-Glacier National Park

  • Series 1: Glacier Fire Management
  • Series 2: Glacier Fire Management; Plot 1012 - Scott Lange
  • Recon images: Red Bench - Clyde Lockwood; Robert Fire 03ROBE_d0277 - Nate Benson; Lee Ridge - Glacier Fire Management; Adair Fire - Nate Benson, from aerial overflight two years post-fire (10-2-1996)

  • Northern U.S. Rockies-Tetons

    Northern U.S. Rockies-Yellowstone N.P. (Coming Soon)

    Southwest Grand Canyon N.P.

    Southwest Other