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Shenandoah Complex 2000; 2002 Plot 5S CBI = 0.49




100% burn with light charring of understory. 85% of pre-fire litter and light fuels consumed, but only 15% of duff, and 10% of larger fuels. No change in exposed soil cover. Regenerated forbs, grasses, and shrubs dominate understory. Tall shrub and small tree mortality is low 20% with little effect to crowns. Overstory trees show small 2% amount of girdling. Mixed hardwood community.


A. Substrates 0.66
B. Vegetation <1 m. 1.27
C. Vegetation 1-5 m. 0.58
D. Intermediate Trees 0.05
E. Big Trees 0.03
Understory CBI 0.78
Overstory CBI 0.04
Total Plot 0.49