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Trumpeter Swan - Rocky Mountain Region


* Provided by D. Caithmer, USFWS, MBMO, 1996

The RMP is composed of 3 aggregations of birds;

  1. Canada Flock: Consists of birds that nest in portions of Saskatchewan, Alberta, southwestern Northwest Territories, southeastern Yukon Territory, and northeastern British Columbia.
  2. Tri-state Area Flock: Consists of birds that nest primarily in northwestern Wyoming, eastern Idaho, and southwestern Montana.
  3. Restoration Flock: Consists of birds that are primarily derived from adults and cygnets that were translocated from the Tri-state Area Flock to various national wildlife refuges and wildlife management areas in attempts to establish new nesting groups.

Primary Restoration Sites:

  • Ruby Lake NWR, NV
  • Malheur NWR, OR
  • Summer Lake Wildlife Management Area, OR

Swans from both the Canada Flock and Tri-state Area Flock winter mostly in the Tri-state Area, whereas the Restoration Flock tends to winter in locales near its nesting grounds. The five-year periodic survey indicated that the RMP (including the Restoration Flock) increased from 811 birds in 1968 to 3,666 birds in 2000 (Caithamer 2001). As of the 2003 winter survey, the RMP consisted of 3,974 birds (adults and cygnets).

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