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Research plan for Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Plan (ICBEMP)


This project focused on amalgamating and distilling current scientific information regarding the major research issues facing land managers across the northern Intermountain West of the USA. This information was used to design a Strategic Research Plan for Department of Interior-administered lands, particularly rangelands, in the Interior Columbia Basin, an area of 144 million ha that spanned seven U.S. states. Through communications and meetings with land managers and agency scientists throughout the planning area, I incorporated the input of Department of Interior and other biologists was into a Research Plan, which was completed in 2002. The process involved reading >8,000 pages of agency documents, gathering expertise from scientists nationwide in numerous disciplines, and producing a nuanced, balanced Plan amenable to numerous agencies and other entities. Although ICBEMP was abruptly ended just before its implementation was slated to begin, the plan nonetheless serves as a research clearinghouse for conservation- and management-relevant research topics of the northern Intermountain West.


Beever, E.A. and D.A. Pyke. 2002. Research plan for lands administered by the U.S. Department of Interior in the Interior Columbia Basin & Snake River Plateau. U.S. Geological Survey, Information and Technology Report 2002-003. 76 p.