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Quarterly Wildlife Mortality Report
January 1998 to March 1998

Location Dates Species Mortality Diagnosis Reported
AK Kenai Peninsula 02/10/98-04/15/98 Common Redpoll, Unidentified Grosbeak 50 e Salmonellosis NW
AK Kenai Pennisula, Bristol Bay, Prince William Sound 02/01/98-04/15/98 Common Murre Unknown e Starvation Suspect NW
AR Ash Flat 01/21/98-02/10/98 American Goldfinch 25 Salmonellosis NW
CA Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, Susuin Marsh 02/23/98-02/25/98 American Coot, American Wigeon, Northern Pintail, Mallard, Gadwall 1176 e Avian Cholera CA
CA Near Rio Vista Mein's Landing Duck Club 12/25/97-01/07/98 American Coot, Northern Shoveler, Canvasback, Ruddy Northern Pintail 400 e Avian cholera CA
CA Palo Alto Flood Flood Basin 01/08/98-01/12/98 American Coot, American Wigeon, Northern Shoveler, Ruddy Canvasback 41 Avian cholera CA
CA Sacramento Complex Refuges 12/16/97-02/01/98 Snow Goose, Ross' Goose, American Wigeon, American Coot, Northern Pintail 1939 Avian cholera NW
CA Salton Sea 03/10/98-ongoing Unidentified Dowitcher, Brown Pelican, American White Pelican 7123 Botulism Type C NW
CA Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area 01/06/98-01/14/98 Ruddy American Coot, Northern Pintail, Northern Shoveler, Unidentified Bird 108 Avian cholera CA
CAN Atlantic Provinces 01/98-03/30/98 Common Redpoll   Salmonellosis CCW
FL Gilchrist Co. & Merritt Island 02/01/98-03/15/98 Brown-headed Cowbird, Northern Cardinal     FL
FL Cedar Keys NWR 02/25/98-03/24/98 Common Loon 20 e Emaciation NW
FL Gulf Island National Seashore 03/16/98-04/15/98 Common Loon 55 e Open NW
FL Islands at mouth of St John's River 01/01/98-03/04/98 Brown Pelican 200 Open NW
IA Forney Lake 02/09/98-02/28/98 Snow Goose 26 e Avian cholera suspect NW
IL Kaiser Creek 02/15/98-02/17/98 Bald Eagle 8 Toxicosis suspect NW
IL Peoria Heights 01/01/98-03/01/98 American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin 20 e Salmonella NW
IN Brown County 01/01/98-03/01/98 Pine Siskin 11 e Salmonellosis NW
KS Lovewell Reservoir 03/22/98-03/30/98 Snow Goose, Northern Pintail, White-fronted Goose, Mallard, Lesser Scaup 4941 Avian cholera NW
KY McCreary Co. 1/01/97-03/15/98 American Goldfinch, Northern Cardinal, Evening Grosbeak 100e Salmonellosis SC
MA Hadley 12/30/97-03/30/98 Pine Siskin 10 e Salmonellosis NW
ME Somerset,Waldo Piscataquis Co. 03/09/98-04/15/98 Common Redpoll, American Goldfinch   Salmonellosis NW
ME Wooded area in Knox Township 03/10/98-03/10/98 Bohemian Waxwing 11 Hypothermia Suspect NW
MI 26 Co. Area 02/10/98-04/30/98 Common Redpoll, American Goldfinch, Evening Grosbeak, Northern Cardinal, Pine Siskin 277 Salmonellosis RLW
MO Miller,Jackson, Texas Ralls, St.Louis Co. 2/01/98-03/31/98 Pine Siskin, American Goldfinch 100's e Salmonellosis NW
MO Swan Lake NWR 2/01/98-02/18/98 Snow Goose, Unidentified Canada Goose 264 Avian cholera NW
MS Yazoo NWR 03/17/98-03/26/98 American Coot (Enlarged Spleens) 35 Open NW
NE Rainwater Basin WMD 02/20/98-04/03/98 Snow Goose, Northern Pintail, Mallard, White-fronted Goose, Canada Goose 25779 Avian cholera NW
NY Schenectady, Otsegp, Albany, Saratoga Co. 12/13/97-03/30/98 House Sparrow, Common Redpoll 21 Salmonellosis NY
OH Jackson,Lawrence, Hocking,Sandusky Co. 01/29/98-04/30/98 Pine Siskin, American Goldfinch, White-throated Sparrow 24 e Salmonellosis NW
OK Lake Eucha 01/15/98-02/23/98 American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, Purple Finch 30 e Salmonellosis NW
PA Pike Co. 01/30/98-02/18/98 Pine Siskin 30 Salmonellosis NW
SC Edisto Beach State Park 03/25/98-03/25/98 Boat-tailed Grackle 24 Toxicosis: Organophosphate SC
TX Eastland County 11/17/97-11/20/97 Mallard, Killdeer 55 e Septicemia TVD
TX Fort Worth 12/31/97-01/05/98 Greater Scaup, American Wigeon 20 e Botulism type CNW
TX Near Cameron 03/17/98-04/01/98 Black-bellied Tree, Common Grackle, Muscovy 25 e Toxicosis; organophosphate or carbamate NW
TX Carbon 12/29/97-01/04/98 Northern Pintail 79 Aflatoxicosis TVD
VT 10 County Area 01/30/98-04/15/98 Common Redpoll, Evening Grosbeak, Pine Grosebeak 40 Salmonellosis NW
VT Winooski 03/12/98-03/12/98 Cedar Waxwing 38 Hypothermia Suspect NW
WI 9 Co. Area 01/10/98-03/05/98 Common Redpoll, Pine Sisken, American Goldfinch, Evening Grosbeak, Chipping Sparrow 100 e Salmonellosis NW

(e) = estimate; * = morbidity and mortality

REPORTERS: National Wildlife Health Center (NW); Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study (SC); California Department of Fish and Game-Wildlife Investigations Laboratory (CA); Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Center (CCW); Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVD); Laboratory of Wildlife Disease Research-Gainsville (FL); Rose Lake Wildlife Disease Laboratory-Michigan (RLW) ; New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NY)

Written and compiled by Kathryn Converse, Kimberli Miller, Linda Glaser, Terry Creekmore, and Audra Schrader, National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC). To report mortality or if you would like specific information on these mortalities, contact one of the following NWHC staff: Western US Kathryn Converse; Eastern US--Kimberli Miller; Hawaiian Islands--Thierry Work. Phone (608) 270-2400, FAX (608) 270-2415 or E-mail kathy_converse@usgs.gov. National Wildlife Health Center, 6006 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI 53711.

For additional information please contact Dr. Scott Wright, USGS National Wildlife Health Center - Disease Investigations Branch Chief, at 608-270-2460 or Paul Slota, USGS National Wildlife Health Center - Support Services Branch Chief at 608-270-2420.

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