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Quarterly Wildlife Mortality Report
January 1999 to March 1999

Location Dates Species Mortality Diagnosis Reported
AK Anchorage 01/01/99- ongoing Black-capped Chickadee 100 (e) Bill Deformities; etiology undetermined ABSC
AR Sevier County 03/28/99- 03/28/99 Common Grackle 15 Toxicosis: organophosphorus cmpd. suspect NW
AR Izard, Independence, Searcy Counties 3/18/99- 03/19/99 American Robin; Common Grackle 30 (e) Toxicosis: organophosphorus cmpd. suspect NW
CA Humboldt Bay NWR 12/01/98- 03/31/99 American Coot; Unidentified Duck 800 Avian cholera NW
CA Kesterson NWR & nearby hunt clubs 01/18/99- 02/20/99 Aleutian Canada Goose; Snow Goose; American Coot; Black-necked Stilt 2727 Avian cholera NW
CA Merced NWR; Arena Plains NWR 12/28/98- 03/31/99 American Coot; Ruddy; Ross' Goose; Snow Goose; Northern Shoveler 3,272 Avian cholera NW
CA Modoc NWR 02/25/99- 03/31/99 Tundra Swan 24 Avian cholera NW
CA Stone Lakes NWR 01/29/99- 02/23/99 American Coot; Unidentified Birds 182 Avian cholera suspect CFG
FL Peace River, Charlotte Harbor 01/08/99- 01/14/99 Lesser Scaup 50 (e) Hepatitis SC
GA Jekyl Island, Brunswick 12/15/98- 01/01/99 Black Scoter 150 (e) Parasitism: trematodiasis; renal coccidiosis SC
GA Savannah 11/25/98- 12/09/98 Double-crested Cormorant 30 (e) Parasitism: renal coccidiosis SC
IN Fort Wayne 01/20/99- 01/22/99 Mallard 40 (e) Emaciation NW
IN Oswego 01/19/99- 01/25/99 American Coot; Mute Swan; Ruddy; Mallard 200 (e) Emaciation NW
KS Cattle feedlot near Great Bend 02/16/99- 02/27/99 Red-winged Blackbird; Brewer's Blackbird; European Starling 20,000 (e) Toxicosis: Avitrol NW
LA Morehouse Parish 01/25/99- 02/12/99 Common Grackle 3,000 (e) Calvarial osteo-airsacculitis, secondary meningitis NW
LA Cameron Parish 01/02/99- 01/02/99 Green-winged Teal; Unidentified Snipe; Killdeer; Mallard 65 Trauma: storm NW
OK Tulsa 03/22/99- ongoing Common Grackle ??? Open NW
OR Ankeny NWR 01/11/99- 01/13/99 Western Canada Goose; Ruddy Duck; Northern Pintail; Dusky Canada Goose 13 Open; Aspergillosis NW
PR Inabon River, Ponce 03/01/99- 03/05/99 Brown Pelican 20 (e) Open NW
UT Bear River MBR 03/10/99- 04/01/99 Northern Shoveler; Green-winged Teal 200 (e) Botulism suspect NW
UT Sundance 11/15/98- 02/15/99 Unidentified; Grosbeak; Pine Siskin 120 (e) Salmonellosis NW
WA Blaine 11/25/98- 1/30/99 Pine Siskin 6 Salmonellosis NW
WI Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary 12/22/98- 01/31/99 Mallard 150 (e) Open WI
WI Lake Geneva, Walworth County 02/01/99- 02/04/99 American Coot; Unidentified Duck 75 (e) Bacteremia (Aeromonas hydrophila, Salmonella sp.) NW
WY National Elk Refuge 02/10/99- 03/01/99 Elk 30 (e) Hemorrhagic septicemia NW
Updates and Corrections:
Location Dates Species Mortality Diagnosis Reported
NY Greenwich 12/21/98- 01/10/99 Snow Goose 57 (e) Parasitism: Sphaeridiotrema globulus NY

(e) = estimate * = morbidity and mortality

REPORTERS: Alaska Biological Science Center (ABSC); National Wildlife Health Center (NW); New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NY); Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study (SC); California Department of Fish and Game-Wildlife Investigations Laboratory (CFG); Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WI).

Written and compiled by Kathryn Converse, Kimberli Miller, Linda Glaser, Terry Creekmore, and Audra Schrader, National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC). To report mortality or if you would like specific information on these mortalities, contact one of the following NWHC staff: Western US Kathryn Converse; Eastern US--Kimberli Miller; Hawaiian Islands--Thierry Work. Phone (608) 270-2400, FAX (608) 270-2415 or E-mail kathy_converse@usgs.gov. National Wildlife Health Center, 6006 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI 53711.

For additional information please contact Dr. Scott Wright, USGS National Wildlife Health Center - Disease Investigations Branch Chief, at 608-270-2460 or Paul Slota, USGS National Wildlife Health Center - Support Services Branch Chief at 608-270-2420.

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