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Quarterly Wildlife Mortality Report
January 2006 to March 2006

Location Dates Species Mortality Diagnosis Reported
AR Bald Knob NWR 01/06/06-01/15/06 Greater Snow Goose, Ross' Goose 1,000 (e) Aflatoxicosis suspect NW
BC East Coast of Queen Charlotte Islands 12/25/05-04/15/06 Cassin's Auklet 100 (e) Emaciation: starvation BC, WT
CA Silver Strand State Beach 03/15/06-03/16/06 Western Grebe 70 Trauma SDC, SWD
CA Tule Lake NWR and Lower Klamath NWR 03/06/06-04/10/06 Ring-Necked Duck, Bufflehead, Ruddy Duck, Snow Goose, American Coot 600 (e) Undetermined Avian Cholera NW
FL Daytona Beach 12/27/05-01/20/06 Unidentified Gull, Herring Gull, Laughing Gull, Ring-Billed Gull, Mallard 25 (e) Aspergillosis KDL, SCW
FL Fountain 01/24/06-02/25/06 Green Frog 150 (e) Viral Infection (suspect): Iridovirus NW
GA Hoginsville 03/25/06-03/25/06 Black Vulture, Dog, Eastern Cottontail 4 Toxicosis: aldicarb SCW
GA Macon 12/30/05-12/30/05 Red-Winged Blackbird, Esophageal ulcers, Hepatitis 7 Undetermined SCW
GA Miller County 03/21/06-ongoing River Frog 50 (e) Parasitism: Perkinsus-like organism SCW, NW
ID Camas NWR 03/26/06-04/10/06 Ross' Goose, Lesser Snow Goose, American Coot, Canada Goose,Trumpeter Swan 437 Aflatoxicosis suspect NW
IL Wilmette 02/15/06-03/02/06 Long-Tailed Duck 5 (e) Open NW
KS Quivira NWR 03/08/06-03/11/06 Greater Sandhill Crane 200 (e) Mycotoxicosis suspect NW
MN Lake Winnibigoshish 10/07/05-10/13/06 American Coot 40 (e) Open NW
MN Mississippi River, above Lock 4 10/10/05-10/15/05 American Coot 200 (e) Trauma: water intake pipes NW
MO Bob Brown State Conservation Area 01/15/06-01/31/06 Greater Snow Goose, Mallard 183 Avian cholera NW
MO Squaw Creek NWR 01/15/06-01/31/06 Greater Snow Goose, Mallard, Ross' Goose 150 Avian cholera NW
OR OR Coast, Columbia, River to Port Orford 03/06/06-04/07/06 Rhinoceros Auklet 400 (e) Emaciation NW
OR Sauvie Island Wildlife Area 01/01/06-03/15/06 Lesser Snow Goose, Dusky Canada Goose, Cackling Goose 37 Lead Poisoning NW
OR Briedwell Road, Amity 01/13/06-01/18/06 Cackling Goose 6 Toxicosis: CHE Inhibiting cmpd. NW
TX Dalhart 01/06/06-01/17/06 Ross' Goose 34 Open NW
VA 2126 Lake View Dr., Powhatan 03/01/06-03/01/06 Cedar Waxwing, Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker 4 (e) Open: toxicosis suspect SCW
WA Coastal areas 12/01/05-04/30/06 Trumpeter Swan 400 (e) Lead poisoning BC, WA
WA Seattle 03/18/06-03/18/06 Cedar Waxwing 18 Toxicosis: cyanide NW
WA Snake River, Clarkston 03/20/06-03/21/06 Mallard 8 Toxicosis: Famphur NW
WI Lake Onalaska, Pool 7, Upper Mississippi 03/20/06-ongoing Lesser Scaup, American Coot, Ring-Necked Duck, Canada Goose, Greater Snow Goose 2,400 (e) Parasitism: Sphaeridiotrema globulus NW
Updates and Corrections:
Location Dates Species Mortality Diagnosis Reported
NC Moore Co., Woodlake 11/20/05-12/18/06 American Coot, Bald Eagle 300 (e) Vacuolar myelinopathy NW, SCW
TX Lorenzo 12/14/05-12/15/05 Lesser Sandhill Crane 34 Open: aflatoxicosis suspect NW
TX Muleshoe NWR 12/15/05-02/23/06 Lesser Sandhill Crane 400 (e) Mycotoxicosis Trichothecene suspect NW
WI Lake Onalaska, Upper Miss NWR 08/30/05-11/25/05 American Coot, Lesser Scaup, Blue-Winged Teal Ring-Necked Duck, Mallard, Ruddy Duck 8,850 (e) Parasitism: Cyathocotyle bushiensis NW

(e) = estimate;  * = morbidity, not mortality

B.C. Ministry of Environment (BC), USGS National Wildlife Health Center (NW), Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study (SCW), San Diego County Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (SDC), Sea World (SWD), Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (WA), Kissimmee Diag Lab (KDL), Wildlife Trust (WT)

Written and compiled by Kathryn Converse/Rex Sohn - Western US, Grace McLaughlin - Eastern US, NWHC. The Quarterly Wildlife Mortality Report is available at http://www.nwhc.usgs.gov.  To report mortality or receive information about this report, contact the above NWHC staff, or for Hawaiian Islands contact Thierry Work.  Phone: (608) 270-2400, FAX: (608) 270-2415 or e-mail: kathy_converse@usgs.gov.  USGS National Wildlife Health Center, 6006 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI  53711.

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