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Quarterly Wildlife Mortality Report
July 2006 to September 2006

Location Dates Species Mortality Diagnosis Reported
AK Aleutians West 09/01/06-09/01/06 Short-Tailed Shearwater 5,000 Open: trauma suspect NW
AK Valdez-Cordova 08/26/06-09/05/06 Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Fox Sparrow, Wilson's Warbler, Hermit Thrush, Savannah Sparrow 300 (e) Trauma: impact NW
AZ Cochise 06/20/06-07/15/06 House Finch 20 (e) Open NW
CA Deleven NWR 09/01/06-10/25/06 Mallard, American White Pelican, Pied-Billed Grebe, Wigeon, American, Gadwall 16 Botulism type C NW
CA Klamath Basin NWR 07/18/06-10/07/06 Pintail Northern, Mallard, American Coot 12,000 (e) Botulism type C NW
CA Sacramento NWR 07/31/06-10/25/06 Mallard, Shoveler Northern, American White Pelican, Double-Crested Cormorant, Pintail Northern 327 Botulism type C NW
CA San Diego Bay 07/15/06-08/31/06 Sanderling, Western Gull, Western Sandpiper 10 (e) Botulism type C NW
CA Salton Sea NWR 08/14/06-09/01/06 Cattle Egret 100 (e) Open NW
FL Boca Raton 07/12/06-08/01/06 Unidentified Duck 10 (e) Open KDL
FL Jacksonville 09/10/06-ongoing Eastern Brown Pelican 14 (e) Toxicosis suspect KDL, UFL
FL North Miami Beach 09/04/06-ongoing Muscovy, Unidentified Egret, NOS Heron, White Ibis, Tri-Colored Heron 48 Botulism suspect KDL
GA Robins AFB 08/01/06-08/31/06 Muscovy, Mallard 10 Botulism suspect NW
ID Boise 07/07/06-09/01/06 Western Gray Squirrel, Fox Squirrel 1,500 (e) Viral Infection: West Nile ID, NW
IN Ft. Wayne 07/20/06-09/15/06 Mallard 32 Botulism type C NW, PUL
IN Lake Shafer 08/08/06-08/08/06 Canada Goose, Mallard 8 Toxicosis: diazinon, Toxicosis: organophosphorus compound, Toxicosis: CHE inhibiting compound NW, PUL
MA Cape Cod National Seashore 07/27/06-08/18/06 Common Tern, Laughing Gull 625 (e) Salmonellosis NW, TU
MD Poplar Island 08/27/06-09/26/06 Semipalmated Sandpiper, Mallard, Greater Yellowlegs, Unidentified Gull, Common Sandpiper 132 Botulism type C NW
ME Stratton Island 07/24/06-08/01/06 Common Tern, Least Tern 330 (e) Open: emaciation NW
MI Canton 07/23/06-07/31/06 Mallard 10 (e) Botulism type C MI
MI Dutch Village 07/18/06-07/20/06 Mallard 25 (e) Botulism type C MI
MI Gibraltar Bay 06/26/06-07/28/06 Mudpuppy Salamander 300 (e) Open NW
MI Lake Michigan 09/03/06-09/24/06 Horned Grebe, Common Loon, Merganser, Unidentified, Red-Necked Grebe 2,600 Botulism type E MI, NW
MI Three Oaks 09/08/06-09/29/06 American Goldfinch 13 Open MI, House Finch
MN Lac qui Parle WMA 06/15/06-09/01/06 American White Pelican, Double-Crested Cormorant, Ring-Billed Gull, Canada Goose 3,150 (e) Viral Infection: West Nile NW
MN Otter Tail 08/20/06-08/30/06 Mallard, Teal - Blue-Winged, Wood Duck 225 (e) Open: botulism suspect NW
MN Sturgeon Lake 06/21/06-11/15/06 House Finch, American Goldfinch, Purple Finch, Unidentified Pigeon, Unidentified Woodpecker 125 (e) Bacterial infection suspect NW
MT Bowdoin NWR 08/25/06-09/06/06 Mallard, American Coot, Shoveler Northern, Unidentified Grebe 100 (e) Botulism type C NW
MT Bozeman 07/01/06-07/02/06 Evening Grosbeak 3 Open: emaciation NW
MT Bowdoin NWR 07/20/06-09/06/06 American White Pelican 45 Viral Infection: West Nile NW
MT Medicine Lake NWR 07/25/06-08/25/06 American White Pelican 1,000 (e) Viral Infection: West Nile NW
MT Medicine Lake NWR 08/10/06-09/06/06 Great Blue Heron, Shoveler Northern, Ring-Billed Gull, California Gull, American Coot 1,250 (e) Botulism type C NW
ND Chase Lake NWR 07/24/06-08/25/06 American White Pelican 953 Viral Infection: West Nile NW
ND Ramsey 08/07/06-09/10/06 Unidentified Shorebird, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Lesser Yellowlegs, Mallard, Gadwall 400 Open NW
ND Grand Forks 08/14/06-09/15/06 Mallard, Laughing Gull, Shoveler Northern, Gadwall 450 Botulism type C NW
ND Grand Forks 06/26/06-07/31/06 Canada Goose, Unidentified 86 (e) Viral Infection: West Nile NW
ND Harriet Lake 09/15/06-11/02/06 Shoveler Northern, Lesser Yellowlegs 25 (e) Botulism type C NW
ND Horsehead lake 07/20/06-08/25/06 Franklin's Gull, Ring-Billed Gull, Pintail Northern, Mallard, American Avocet 60 (e) Botulism type C NW
ND Nelson 08/01/06-09/01/06 Shoveler Northern, Mallard, Semipalmated Sandpiper 80 (e) Botulism type C NW
ND Swan Lake 08/15/06-09/15/06 American Coot, Unidentified Waterfowl, Canada Goose, Mallard, Western Grebe 30 (e) Open NW
NM Rio Rancho 06/20/06-07/12/06 Mallard 100 (e) Botulism suspect NMV
NV Anaho Island NWR 07/14/06-08/15/06 American White Pelican 75 (e) Viral Infection: West Nile Virus suspect NV, NW
NV Carson Lake 08/30/06-09/15/06 Shoveler Northern, Gadwall, Pintail Northern 146 Botulism suspect NV
NV Stillwater NWR 07/14/06-07/20/06 American White Pelican 24 Viral Infection: West Nile NW
NV Stillwater NWR 07/17/06-09/10/06 Mallard, Ruddy, Redhead, Teal - Green-Winged, American Coot 200 (e) Botulism type C NW
NY Huntington Wildlife Forest 06/27/06-07/18/06 Wood Frog, Spotted Salamander 400 (e) Viral Infection suspect NW
NY Little Galloo Island 07/05/06-09/04/06 Caspian Tern, Ring-Billed Gull, Double-Crested Cormorant, Herring Gull, Great Black-Backed Gull 620 (e) Botulism type C COR, NW, NY, PA
NY Saratoga 09/15/06-09/17/06 Hudsonian Godwit 40 Trauma: Power line Collision NW, NY
OH Dayton 07/10/06-07/28/06 Mallard, Domestic 35 (e) Botulism type C NW
OR Malheur NWR 08/21/06-08/28/06 Teal - Green-Winged, Pintail Northern 7 Botulism type C NW
OR Malheur County 08/07/06-09/16/06 Sage Grouse 69 Viral Infection: West Nile NW
PA Northampton 08/01/06-08/31/06 Mallard 40 (e) Botulism type C PA
PA Norristown 08/20/06-08/21/06 Duck, American Black, Domestic Duck, Mallard 33 Botulism type C NW, PA
PR Toa Alta 02/01/05-09/15/06 Eastern Brown Pelican 12 (e) Botulism type C NW
SD LaCreek NWR 08/17/06-09/01/06 Mallard, Teal - Green-Winged 200 (e) Botulism type C NW
SD Sand Lake NWR 08/27/06-09/15/06 Teal - Blue-Winged, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Violet-Green Swallow, Marbled Godwit, Lesser Yellowlegs 150 (e) Botulism type C NW
SD Waubay WMD 07/19/06-08/21/06 American White Pelican 1,500 (e) Viral Infection: West Nile NW
TX Houston Zoo 08/31/06-10/01/06 Wood Duck, Nene Goose, Black-Bellied Tree, (Whistling) 30 (e) Botulism type C NW
UT Bear River MBR 08/01/06-10/01/06 Teal - Green-Winged, Shoveler Northern, Pintail Northern, Wigeon, American, Mallard 2,500 (e) Botulism type C NW
UT Farmington Bay 07/01/06-10/01/06 Black-Necked Stilt, Wilson's Phalarope, American Coot, Wigeon, American, Pintail Northern 15,000 (e) Botulism type C NW, UT, NVL
UT Ouray NWR 09/01/06-10/01/06 Teal - Green-Winged, Mallard, Pintail Northern, American Coot, Shoveler Northern 250 (e) Botulism type C NW
UT Great Salt Lake 09/15/06-10/15/06 Shoveler Northern, Teal - Green-Winged, American Avocet, Semipalmated Plover, Gadwall 5,000 (e) Botulism type C NW
VA Sandy Island 08/05/06-09/15/06 Laughing Gull, Great Black-Backed Gull, Sanderling 10 (e) Botulism type C NW
WA Moses Lake 05/11/06-05/11/06 Canada Goose 39 Toxicosis: organophosphorus compound suspect NW
WA Centralia 08/25/06-09/15/06 Barn Swallow 15 (e) Open: emaciation NW
WA Mount Rainier NP 07/27/06-08/17/06 Northwest Salamander 85 Open NW
WI Cat Island, Green Bay 07/15/06-07/30/06 American White Pelican 48 (e) Viral Infection: West Nile NVL, NW
WI Cat Island, Green Bay 07/15/06-09/14/06 Unidentified Gull, Double-Crested Cormorant, Caspian Tern, Unidentified Egret 1 Salmonellosis NVL, NW
WI Madison 09/05/06-09/05/06 Tennessee Warbler, Red-Eyed Vireo, Ovenbird, Black-And-White Warbler, Cape May Warbler, Magnolia Warbler, Connecticut Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler 20 Trauma: tower strike WI
WI Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary 08/09/06-08/31/06 Mallard 100 (e) Botulism type C NW
WI Horicon NWR 08/02/06-08/11/06 American White Pelican 6 Viral Infection: West Nile Virus suspect NW
WI Lake Onalaska 09/01/06-ongoing American Coot, Teal - Blue-Winged, Scaup, Unidentified, Shoveler Northern, Mallard 4,000 (e) Parasitism suspect NW
WI Pilot Island, Green Bay 07/30/06-09/14/06 Double-Crested Cormorant, Unidentified Gull 39 (e) Newcastle Disease Virus NVL, NW
WY Campbell County 08/01/06-08/08/06 Desert Cottontail Rabbit 18 Open NW
WY Coyer Reservoir Quad 07/15/06-10/01/06 Black-Billed Magpie, Desert Cottontail Rabbit 50 Open NW
Updates and Corrections:
Location Dates Species Mortality Diagnosis Reported
CA Kern NWR 06/03/06-09/15/06 American Coot, Unidentified Waterfowl, Mallard, Gadwall, White Ibis 3,000 (e) Botulism type C NW

(e) = estimate; * = morbidity, not mortality

Cornell University (COR), Idaho Wildlife Health Laboratory (ID), Kissimmee Diagnostic Laboratory (KDL), Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (MI), National Veterinary Services Laboratory (NVL), National Wildlife Health Laboratory (NW), Nevada Division of Wildlife (NV), New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (NY), Pennsylvania Game and Parks Commission (PA), Purdue University Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (PUL), Tufts University (TU), University of Florida (UFL), USGS National Wildlife Health Center (NW), Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (UT), Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources (WI).

Written and compiled by: Kathryn Converse - Western US, Grace McLaughlin - Eastern US, NWHC. The Quarterly Wildlife Mortality Report is available at http://www.nwhc.usgs.gov. To report mortality or receive information about this report, contact the above NWHC staff, or for Hawaiian Islands contact Thierry Work. Phone: (608) 270-2400, FAX: (608) 270-2415 or e-mail: kathy_converse@usgs.gov. USGS National Wildlife Health Center, 6006 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI, 53711.

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