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Climate Change:  Ecosystem Impacts and Management Strategies for the Midwest U.S.

68th Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference in Madison, Wisconsin
10-11 December 2007

Symposium organizers:  Michael Meyer (Wisconsin DNR) and Kevin Kenow (USGS)

A symposium titled ‘Climate Change: Ecosystem Impacts and Management Strategies For the Midwest U.S’ was held at the 68th Midwest Fish & Wildlife Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, 10-11 December 2007.This symposium was a great venue and opportunity to bring together scientists from throughout the Upper Midwest to critically evaluate the current information on climate change in the region, and help identify the most important research needs to support scientifically-based regulations to minimize effects of climate change on forests, aquatic resources, and fish and wildlife populations. To reach a wider audience, many of the presenters have provided related abstracts and presentations (as pdf files) for posting on this web page. Contributions to this web page have not gone through the USGS review and approval process.

Winter’s End, Watercolor, Helen Klebesadel

Winter's End
Watercolor, Helen Klebesadel

Presentation title/author(s) Abstract Presentation (pdf) Speaker bio
Climate Change in Wisconsin: Recent Evidence and Potential Impacts to Natural Resources - Kucharik, C.J.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
Moose mortality in northeastern Minnesota as a function of temperature - Lenarz, M.S.*, M.E. Nelson, A.J. Edwards, and M.W. Schrage abstract .pdf speaker bio
Climate Change, Prairie Wetlands, and Ducks - Johnson, C.*, G.R. Guntenspergen, and D.E. Naugle abstract .pdf speaker bio
Predicting Effects of Climate Change on Amphibian Communities from Prairie Pothole Wetlands - Johnson, L.B.*, G. Guntenspergen, J.H. Olker, W. Johnson, and P. Schoff abstract .pdf speaker bio
Phenological Monitoring: A key approach to assessing the impact of spring starting earlier - Schwartz, M.D.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
A working group approach to climate change and wildlife management in a state agency - Larson, M.A.*, M. Carstensen, E. Dunbar, J. Fieberg, C. Roy Nielsen, R. Wright, and K. DonCarlos abstract .pdf speaker bio
Development of a Spatio-Temporal Snowpack Model for use in Assessing Changes in Mammal Distributions in Wisconsin - Bruggeman, J.E.*, J.E. Woodford, and D.E. Andersen abstract .pdf speaker bio
Forest change due to climate warming in the upper Midwest - Mladenoff, D.J.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
Growth and Functioning of Forest Ecosystems Exposed to Elevated Atmospheric CO2 and O3 -  Kubiske, M.E.* and D.F. Karnosky abstract .pdf speaker bio
Climate change in the Great Lakes Region: Detection, evidence, consequence, and implication - Seeley, M.W.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
How do we assess climate change impacts? Frameworks for integrating climate science, impacts assessment, and decision making  - Vimont, D.J.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
Vulnerability to Climate Change in Amphibians and Reptiles - Casper, G.S.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
Biodiversity in Selected Natural Communities Related to Global Climate Change  - Anderson, C.* and B. Smith abstract .pdf speaker bio
Potential Impacts of Climate Change and Increasing Human Water Demands on the Hydrology of Wisconsin Lakes - Asplund, T.R.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
Predicted effects of water temperature increases on the distribution of warmwater fishes in Wisconsin streams and rivers - Lyons, J.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
Climate change, trout ecology and the future of inland trout management in Wisconsin - Mitro, M.G.* abstract .pdf speaker bio
Climate Change Impacts on MN Aquatic Resources - Pereira, D.L.*, R.D. Valley, T.K. Cross, and P.C. Jacobson abstract .pdf speaker bio
Paradise Lost? Climate Change in the North Woods - Using Art in Climate Change Education - Daulton, T.L.*, D. Ledin, and Z. Wilson abstract .pdf speaker bio

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