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What Should the Future of Our Science Be?
A composite image of Landsat tracks from 2001

A composite image of Landsat tracks from 2001

How do we ensure a future of clean water supply, abundant energy resources, and preparedness for and safety during natural hazard events, among other critical needs?

We start with science.

The USGS is focused on some of the most significant issues society faces. Our mission is to provide leaders, land and resource managers, and the public with the tools necessary to meet these challenges.

Now we need your help to ensure that our science is headed in the right direction. Based partly on feedback we received from the public last year, we have created draft strategies for each of our major areas of research.

To read and comment on the drafts, visit our Start with Science site. There you’ll also find background information on this effort, including the teams of scientists creating the draft strategies.

Commenting is open from June 4 through July 31 — visit today to help shape the USGS of tomorrow!