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Stanton Repeat Photography

Mile 203.0, Beach at Big Drop 1, Downstream View from River Left (Stake 2634)

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Stake 2634, 9 June 1889 View Larger Image
9 June 1889
This downstream view from river left shows the large camping beach above Big Drop 1 and the mouth of Teapot Canyon across the river on the right. This sandbar collects considerable driftwood, as shown in the right foreground. The camera station is on an unstable slope, which helps to explain why the two matches are slightly off. Two individuals of Mormon tea are in the left foreground, and a line of netleaf hackberry trees lines the back of the beach.
Photo credit: Franklin A. Nims, 57-RS-70, courtesy of The National Archives

Stake 2634, 24 July 1992 View Larger Image
24 July 1992
The beach appears larger because the water level is much lower in the match, and the line of driftwood is at a lower water stage. The line of netleaf hackberry has changed as a result of some mortality and recruitment, and tamarisk now is prominent in the line of riparian trees. Although the match appears to be too far into the view, one of the Mormon tea individuals has persisted the intervening century. One of the most notable changes in the view is not obvious; a huge pile of driftwood is on the debris fan extending from the mouth of Teapot Canyon. This driftwood accumulated during the 1983-1984 floods and has considerable modern trash within its mass.
Photo credit: Steve Tharnstrom

Stake 2634, 1 August 2010 View Larger Image
1 August 2010
The two Mormon tea individuals alive in 1889 still persist 121 years later, looking very much the same. Few changes have occurred in the line of netleaf hackberry trees, but the tamarisk trees are dead and dying courtesy of the tamarisk leaf beetles. The driftwood line has moved back upslope, reflecting the effects of the flood the previous spring.
Photo credit: Steve Young

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