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Stanton Repeat Photography

Mile 114.2, Below Garnet Camp, Downstream View from River Right (Stake 2649)

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Stake 2649, 19 February 1890 View Larger Image
19 February 1890
This photograph is from a granite ledge about 200 yards downstream of what is now known as lower Garnet Camp. When Stanton was here, it was just a convenient place to land and take upstream and downstream photographs, including this view that mostly shows bedrock slopes at the unconformity between Tapeats Sandstone (whitish-colored rocks at left) and granite (right). Mormon tea, spiny aster, and grasses—including big galleta and three-awn—grow on the slopes in the right foreground. A small beach, much of it covered by rocks, is visible at the center.
Photo credit: Robert B. Stanton, 57-RS-540, courtesy of The National Archives

Stake 2649, 1 March 1993 View Larger Image
1 March 1993
Many of the Mormon tea and some of the perennial grasses persist. A sweetbush and a Mormon tea have become established in the lower right corner of the view. Trixis, brittlebush, desert bedstraw, and snakeweed are also present, and small amounts of biological soil crust are visible in the spaces between plants. The sandbar is now vegetated, probably with tamarisk.
Photo credit: Steve Tharnstrom

Stake 2649, 23 September 2010 View Larger Image
23 September 2010
Many of the Mormon tea, sweetbush and three-awn that were present two decades before have persisted. The Mormon tea in the lower right corner has gotten much larger, and now mostly obscures the sweetbush behind it. Vegetation on the small sandbar has become noticeably denser.
Photo credit: Bill Lemke

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