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The Vigil Network Site Index: Big View Slope

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General Information

Site Name: Big View Slope
Location: Dickerson Park, Wyoming USA
Principal Investigator: William Emmett
Address: U.S.G.S. Denver, Colorado USA
Date of Site Establishment and/or Field Measurements: 07/1963, 07/1965, 06/1966, 09/1967,06/1968
Original Date of Submission to the Vigil Network: 1 February 1969
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Location at Lower End of Basin

Latitude: 42°53'51" N
Longitude: 109°02'16" W
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(ranked in order of importance)

  1. Mass-movement
  2. Erosion

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Site Information

Annual precipitation: 400 mm
Elevation: 2743 m
Relief: 30.5 m
Geology: Limestone Bedrock
Vegetation: Grasses
Bench marks: 3
U.S.G.S. 7.5 minute maps: Moccasin Lake, WY
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Erosion stakes: 1
Mass-movement pins: 1
Painted rock lines: 9
Cliff-recession markers: 1
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Links to Data Files

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Additional Data

Additional data collected but not submitted with this file: Ground and aerial photos.
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For information on how to obtain USGS topographic maps of this study site, please visit the USGS National Mapping Information Page at http://mapping.usgs.gov.