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Clear Creek: Description of Range CL-1

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Clear Creek Range CL-1

Length 2070.8 feet
Bearing S 70°45' W

Monument CL-1-R in SE NW Sec. 24, R-5-W, T-8-S.
On point in pasture 450 feet N of road and 445 feet from fence corner dividing pasture from cultivated field.
Fence corner S 12°30' E 445 feet
4 inch willow S 8°45' W 24 feet
12 inch beech Due South 500 feet
Elev. 100.00 assumed. Up 7 feet in 80 feet from floodplain.

Monument CL-1-L in SW NW Sec. 24, 30 feet from road and 35 feet from corner of fence in pasture.
Red oak in fence corner S 64°15' E 34 feet
10 inch twin water oak N 33°30' W 24 feet
6 inch twin water oak N 51° W 27 feet
Perpendicular to road - 30 feet
Elev. 104.1 scaled. Up 11 feet in 300 feet from floodplain.

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