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The Vigil Network Site Index: Hurricane Creek

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General Information

Site Name: Hurricane Creek
Location: Yazoo Watershed, La Fayette County, Mississippi USA
Principal Investigator: S.C. Happ and Gordon Rittenhouse
Address: U.S.D.A. Sedimentation Lab, Oxford, Mississippi USA and Shell Oil, Houston, Texas USA
Date of Site Establishment and/or Field Measurements: 1937, 1965
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Location at Lower End of Basin

Latitude: 34°33'00" N
Longitude: 89°35'15" W
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(ranked in order of importance)

  1. Sedimentation
  2. Channel Change
  3. Erosion

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Site Information

Annual precipitation: 1370 mm
Elevation: 73 m
Relief: 61 m
Drainage area: 82.9 km2
Geology: Coastal Plain Sand and Clay; Surficial Loess
Vegetation: Mixed hardwoods and pine, farmlands
Hydrology: Runoff +/- 500 mm
Photography: High Altitude aerial; ground photos range markers, channels, erosion, etc.
U.S.G.S. 7.5 minute maps: Oxford North, MISS; Bagley Lake, MISS
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Stream Channels

Channel cross sections: 22
Suspended sediment: Occasional
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Reservoir sedimentation: One pond
Rain gage: Nearby
Particle size and specific weight
- Stream bed: x
- Bank: x
- Hillslope: x
Other: Valley Sections - 25
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Links to Data Files

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Additional Data

Additional data collected but not submitted with this file: Additional sections by Corps of Engineers.
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For information on how to obtain USGS topographic maps of this study site, please visit the USGS National Mapping Information Page at http://mapping.usgs.gov.