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Nelson Creek: Description of Range N-2

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Nelson Creek Range N-2

Length 1563 feet
Bearing N 71° W

(At boring notes there is a terrace on L side of stream, without deposition.)

BM X-2-R, 27 Nov 1940, Elev. 231.31 (U.S.E.D. datum)
Iron pipe set and marked X-2-R-1941. Up 15 feet in 40 feet from floodplain.
BM on hillside at foot of 12 inch post oak, in edge of woods approximately 40 feet from field road.
Twin post oak (near field road) N 13° E 30 feet
6 inch elm S 75° E 35 feet
10 inch beech S 10° E 29 feet

BM X-2-L, 20 Nov 1940, Elev. 246.04 (U.S.E.D. datum)
Iron pipe set and marked X-2-L-1941. Up 40 feet in 800 feet from creek.
BM at foot of 18 inch post oak in edge of pasture on point of hill.
12 inch red oak, in gully N 86° W 104 feet
Gatepost at fence corner N 51°30' E 76 feet
Blackjack on fence line S 7°30' E 69 feet

Sketch of Range N-2, pipe X-2-L.

Sketch of Range N-2, pipe X-2-L.

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