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Nelson Creek: Description of Range N-3

Data Files:

Nelson Creek Range N-3

Length 941 feet
Bearing S 79°45' W

BM X-3-R, 19 Nov 1940, Elev. 204.57 (U.S.E.D. datum)
Iron pipe set and marked X-3-R-1941. Up 16 feet in 60 feet from floodplain.
At foot of 30 inch sweet gum on edge of small grove of sweet gums.
(SW?) corner of barn N 71° E 14 feet
(NW?) corner of barnyard N 18°45' E 70 feet
Twin sweet gum, beside road S 45°30' E 292 feet
TBM2 nail in pier SW corner bridge. Elev. 204.13 (U.S.E.D. datum)

BM X-3-L, 19 Nov 1940, Elev. 205.43 (U.S.E.D. datum)
Iron pipe set and marked X-3-L-1941. Up 10 feet in 80 feet from floodplain.
Under walnut tree on fence line about 30 feet from road by negro house.
(NE?) corner corn crib (corn crib between BM and road, same side fence) S 23° E 19 feet
(SE?) corner house porch S 83°30' W 85 feet
Well and pump N 78° W 125 feet

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