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Carbon County Water Resources Study

In cooperation with the Wyoming State Engineer, the USGS conducted a study of the water resources of Carbon County, Wyoming. This study followed the general plan of previous "County Studies". Surface water and ground water resources were evaluated through a combined approach that analyzed and summarized existing data and, as a consequence of the data analysis, identified key data gaps and attempted, on a limited basis, to collect new data to fill those gaps. The study, a 3-year effort, began in 2001 and culminated in the publication of a Scientific Investigations Report (SIR) that describes the quantity and quality of the surface and ground water resources of the county (SIR 2006-5027).

For more information, please contact:
Tim Bartos
521 Progress Circle, Suite 6
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007
(307) 775-9160
Email: ttbartos@usgs.gov

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Map of Carbon County

List of published County Study reports

WRIR 84-4079. Water resources of Weston County, Wyoming, by M.E. Lowry, W.J. Head, J.G. Rankl, and J.F. Busby. 1986. 33 p.

WRIR 91-4044. Water resources of Washakie County, Wyoming, by D.D. Susong, M.L. Smalley, and E.R. Banta. 1993. 82 p.

WRIR 93-4021. Water resources of Big Horn County, Wyoming, by Maria Plafcan, E.W. Cassidy, and M.L. Smalley. 1993. 142 p.

WRIR 93-4183. Hydrology of Park County, Wyoming, exclusive of Yellowstone National Park, by M.E. Lowry, M.L. Smalley, and others. 1993. 67 p.

WRIR 95-4095. Water resources of Fremont County, Wyoming, by Maria Plafcan, C.A. Eddy-Miller, G.F. Ritz, and J.P.R. Holland II. 1995. 45 p.

WRIR 95-4204. Water resources of Teton County, Wyoming, exclusive of Yellowstone National Park, by B.T. Nolan and K.A. Miller. 1995. 76 p.

WRIR 96-4246. Water resources of Lincoln County, Wyoming, by C.A. Eddy-Miller, Maria Plafcan, and M.L. Clark. 1996. 131 p.

SIR 2004-5214. Water Resources of Sweetwater County by Jon P. Mason and Kirk A. Miller. 2004. 188 p.

SIR 2006-5027. Water Resources of Carbon County by Timothy T. Bartos, Laura L. Hallberg, Jon P. Mason, Jodi R. Norris, and Kirk A. Miller . 2006. 191 p.

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