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Scientific Investigations Reports (SIR)

The SIR numbered series was begun in 2004, replacing the discontinued series, Water-Resources Investigations Reports (WRIR).

As was the case with Water-Resources Investigations Reports, interpretive reports not published in one of the formal report series, such as Professional Papers, Hydrologic-Investigations Atlases, or Circulars, are published as Scientific Investigations Reports. Most non-interpretive water-resources reports (mainly reports of hydrologic data) are published as open-file reports.

SIR 2004-5017. Water quality of the Snake River and five tributaries in the upper Snake River basin, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 1998-2002, by M.L. Clark, and W.J. Sadler, U.S. Geological Survey, and Susan O'Ney, National Park Service. 2004. 41 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2004-5017

SIR 2004-5113. Water-quality assessment of the Yellowstone River basin, Montana and Wyoming—Water quality of fixed sites, 1999-2001, by K.A. Miller, M.L. Clark, and P.R. Wright. 2005. 82 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2004-5113

SIR 2004-5126. Development of a local meteoric water line for southeastern Idaho, western Wyoming, and south-central Montana, by Lyn Benjamin, Consulting Hydrologist; L.L. Knobel, U.S. Geological Survey; L.F. Hall, State of Idaho INEEL Oversight Program; L. D. Cecil, U.S. Geological Survey; and J.R. Green, Garden City, Kansas Community College. 2004. 17 .p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2004-5126

SIR 2004-5214. Water resources of Sweetwater County, Wyoming, by J.P. Mason and K.A. Miller. 2005. 188 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2004-5214

SIR 2004-5252. Water-quality characteristics of Quaternary unconsolidated-deposit aquifers and lower Tertiary aquifers of the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana, 1999-2001, by T.T. Bartos, C.A. Eddy-Miller, J.R. Norris, M.E. Gamper, and L.L. Hallberg. 2005. 155 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2004-5252

SIR 2005-5008. Hydrogeologic framework and estimates of ground-water volumes in Tertiary and upper Cretaceous hydrogeologic units in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming, by Kurt Hinaman. 2005. 18 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2005-5008

SIR 2005-5027. Monitoring-well network and sampling design for ground-water quality, Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming, by J.P. Mason, S.K. Sebree, and Thomas Quinn. 2005. 39 p. 1 plate in pocket.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2005-5027

SIR 2005-5133. Seepage investigation on selected reaches of Fish Creek, Teton County, Wyoming, 2004, by J.D. Wheeler and C.A. Eddy-Miller. 2005. 15 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2005-5133

SIR 2006-5027. Water Resources of Carbon County, Wyoming, by T.T. Bartos, L.L. Hallberg, J.P. Mason, J.R. Norris, and K.A. Miller. 2006. 191 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2006-5027

SIR 2006-5113. Water-quality monitoring and regression analysis for specific conductance and sodium-adsorption ratios and load estimates for dissolved dolids for four sites in the Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming 2001-2004, by M.L. Clark and J.P. Mason, 2006. 22 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2006-5113

SIR 2006-5117. Comparison of macroinvertebrate community structure between two riffle-based sampling protocols in Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana, 2000-2001 by D.A. Peterson and J.R. Zumberge, 2006. 12 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir2006-5117

SIR 2006-5231. Nutrient and suspended-sediment trends in the Missouri River Basin, 1993–2003 by Sprague, L.A., Clark, M.L., Rus, D.L., Zelt, R.B., Flynn, J.L., and Davis, J.V., 2006, 80 p.
Online at http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2006/5231/

SIR 2007-5130. Ecological status of Wyoming streams, 2000–2003 by Peterson, D.A., Hargett, E.G., and Wright, P.R., 2007, 32 p.
Online at http://pubs.water.usgs.gov/sir/2007/5130/

SIR 2007-5146. Water-quality characteristics for sites in the Tongue, Powder, Cheyenne, and Bell Fourche River drainage basins, Wyoming and Montana, water years 2001–2005, with temporal patterns of selected long-term water-quality data: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5146, by Clark, M.L., and Mason, J.P., 2007, 65 p.
Online at http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2007/5146/

SIR 2007-5221. Water-Quality Characteristics of Cottonwood Creek, Taggart Creek, Lake Creek, and Granite Creek, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, 2006: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2007–5221, by Clark, M.L., Wheeler, J.D., and O’Ney, S.E., 2007, 43 p.
Online at http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2007/5221/

SIR 2008-5012. Quality of Shallow Ground Water in Three Areas of Unsewered Low-Density Development in Wyoming and Montana, 2001: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2008–5012, by Bartos, T.T., Quinn, T.L., Hallberg, L.L., and Eddy-Miller, C.A., 2008, 118 p.
Online at http://pubs.usgs.gov/sir/2008/5012/

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