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2007 USGS Open House—Exhibits and Displays

  1. Coastal Impacts of Hurricanes – Karen Morgan (FL)
    See images of the impacts from hurricane Katrina and a simulated wave tank showing how wind and rain move sand.

  2. Hands-On Sea Floor Mapping – Ann Tihansky and Nancy DeWitt (FL)
    Imagine the features on the sea –floor. Hands –on activities allows participants to move the ship over selected features.

  3. Crocodiles, Alligators, and Everglades Restoration – Ken Rice (FL)

  4. Aquatic Bugs as Indicators of Water Quality – Robin Brightbill (PA)
    Explore invertebrates up close through a microscope and take a bug test.

  5. Picture Yourself as a Scientist – Randy Hines (MO)
    Get your picture taken – become a scientist for a day, choose between a chemist, fisheries biologist or wildlife biologist.

  6. Avian Influenza Research at the USGS – Gail Moede Rogall (WI)

  7. What’s the Buzz About Bees? – Sam Droege (MD)

  8. Reporting Birds with Silver Bracelets – Mitchell White (MD)

  9. Cleaning Up Water Contaminated by Mining – Phil Sibrell (WV)
    See methods used to clean up polluted water so that they can once again support plant and animal life.

  10. West Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit – Patricia Mazik (WV)
    See live eels.

  11. What’s Up with the Fish? Intersex and Fish Health in Rivers and Streams of the Chesapeake  –Vicky Blazer and Sarah Gerould (WV)
    What is killing our fish? Why are fish intersexed?

  12. A Slippery Slope – Polar Bears, Walrus, and Sea Ice Change -- Tony DeGange (AK)

  13. Studying Our Earth From Space – Jan Nelson (SD)
    Also visit: Tracking Change Over Time: Classroom Activity

  14. Gases in the Air We Breath – Janet Hannon
    Capture your scientific imagination by witnessing this fun demonstration of the physical properties of atmospheric gases using liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

  15. Water Quality in Your Backyard – Carise Barbour
    Activities involved in ensuring safe drinking water in the Chesapeake Bay area.

  16. Treasure Hunting with a Global Positioning System (GPS) – Lee DeCola

  17. Climate Change in Shenandoah National Park – John W. Jones
    Detecting Climate Change in the Shenandoah National Park using satellite imagery.

  18. Invasive Species in the United States – Cindy Kolar

  19. Invasive Species in Your Community – Cindy Kolar

  20. USGS History of Mapmaking, Engraving, and Printing – Will Stettner

  21. Who's Musseling in on Fish? – Robin Schrock
    Information about Fisheries, Aquatic and Endangered

  22. Fish Painting – Janet Cushing
    Design your own fish rubbing

  23. Tree Rings— Record Keepers of the Past– Tom Yanosky

  24. Get Energized! – Donna Foulke
    Fun facts about energy; how we use it, health and environment discussions and promoting change through recycling and conserving.

  25. Volcanoes: On the Ground and in the Air – Linda Huey

  26. Water Jeopardy – Mike Ierardi
    A spin off of the television game show Jeopardy using questions pertaining to water.

  27. A Blast from the Past: The Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater – Dave Powars

  28. USGS Water Data for the Nation – Mark Hamill

  29. Coral Reefs—Imperiled Treasures  – Colleen Charles

  30. National Biological Information Infrastructure—Gateway to the Nation’s Biological Information– Michelle Kee

  31. Native American Knowledge Grows with the USGS – Susan Marcus
    November is Native American month. Find out about USGS Activities related to American Indians and Alaska Natives.

  32. What Good are Rocks? – Jane Jenness
    Discover the importance of rocks and minerals in things we depend on every day!

  33. Fascinating Fossils – Laurel Bybell

  34. Gold Panning – Jane Jenness

  35. Rock Detective – Jane Jenness
    Find the mystery about rocks, fossils and Minerals.

  36. Explore Store (Map Sales) – Doug Thompson
    Retail map sales and other USGS products.

  37. Earth Science in 3-D – Jerry McFaul

  38. The USGS Library – Robert Bier
    Get a tour of the largest earth and natural science library in the world. 

  39. ASK USGS Services – Robert Bier
    Answer questions from visitors and highlight USGS information resources

  40. How Do Old Dead Things Help Us Learn About Living Ecosystems? – Lynn Wingard
    (Associated fact sheet with more information)

  41. Get with the Flow! A Wet, Hands-on Experience – Robert Mason
    See a 6 foot water flume. Talk about water conservation.

  42. Real-time Water Level Data Collection – Linda Geiger

  43. Ground Water:  The Hidden Resource – Linda Geiger

  44. The Active Water Level Network – Linda Geiger

  45. USGS Science Around the Globe – Jean Weaver

  46. Natural Resources Issues in Reston – Walker Nature Education Center

  47. Wise Water Use – Jim Shell (Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments)

  48. Our Changing Landscape – Janet Tilley

  49. Great Lakes – Great Science! Sandra Morrison
    Take a Great Lakes quiz and see real samples of invasive species from the Great Lakes, including fish and sea lamprey.

  50. Antarctic Research:  Then and Now – Jerry Mullins

  51. USGS Polar Research during the International Polar Year – Jerry Mullins

  52. USGS Education:  Opening Windows to the Earth – Teacher’s Resource Room — Bob Ridky
    Discover selected resources, including lessons, data, maps, and more, to support teaching, learning, education (K-12), and university-level inquiry and research.

  53. WaterWatch – Robert Mason
    See streamflow statistics and conditions.

  54. A Trek Through Time- Laurel Bybell

  55. Earth as Art – Artistic Images of Planet Earth – Teri Jaeger

  56. EarthNow! Landsat Satellite Images in  Near Real Time – Teri Yaeger

  57. Geography: Observing and Analyzing Land Changes  – Teri Yaeger

  58. Lewis and Clark:  A Legacy of Science –Jon Campbell
    Come see this outdoor reenactment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 200 years after this science expedition, the USGS continues the legacy in discovering and understanding our natural resources.

  59. A Satellite View of the United States – Pat Phillips
    A 20 by 12 foot satellite map of the United States.

  60. Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 3-D– Pat Phillips

  61. What Lies Beneath the Surface? The USGS Drilling Program – Eugene Cobbs

  62. Patuxent Research Refuge Wildlife Learning Adventures - Nell Baldacchino

  63. Climate Change Science: Exploring the Past, Observing the Present, Forecasting the Future – Karen Wood

  64. Department of the Interior Federal Credit Union    - Sherry Sellers

  65. How Healthy is the Mighty Mississippi? -  Randy Hines

  66. Pearl Makers and Water Keepers – The Biology and History of Freshwater Mussels - Rachel Muir

  67. More than Feathers, Hair and Scales – USGS in Partnership with the Smithsonian – Robert Reynolds

  68. Water Availability for Ecological Needs in the Flint River Basin, Georgia – Brian Hughes
    Streamflow and it relation to aquatic habitats.

  69. Herndon High School Sax Ensemble – Timothy Adams

  70. Plant Conservation Alliance – Olivia Kwong

  71. Boys and Girl Scouts Activities Room– Odette James, Lucy Edwards, Cheryl O'Brien

  72. Amphibians - USGS Visitor's Center – Visitor’s Center - Adonis Goldstein

  73. Crystal Cave – Jane Jeness, Mike Collela

  74. Talons! A Birds of Prey Experience – Judy Salvo

  75. The Chesapeake Bay Watershed – Where We Live – Dave Grason

  76. Wonders of Wetlands – Susan Horton (LA)
    Explore coastal Louisiana, create a wetland, learn about wetland plants and animals

  77. Facing Tomorrow’s Challenges—U.S. Geological Survey Science in the Decade 2007-2017 – (Open House Theme exhibit)

  78. Energy Efficiency at the USGS National Center – Robert Eng

  79. National Geospatial Program Office — Pat Hytes

  80. Geospatial One Stop—Your One Stop for Federal, State, and Local Geographic Data – Pat Hytes

  81. The National Atlas – Pat Hytes

  82. The National Map – The Nation’s Topographic Map for the 21st Century – Pat Hytes

  83. CoreCasts (The USGS podcasts)– Dave Hebert and Scott Horvath

  84. Volcanic Hazards – Linda Huey

  85. Earthquake and Landslide Hazards - Mike Blanpied

  86. Lewis and Clark Expedition—the Outdoor Re-enactment - Janet Tilley

  87. Vote for Your Favorite Exhibit - Jerry McFaul


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